From Hulk Hogan to HBK: Ultimate Hasbro WWF Figures Guide

From Hulk Hogan to HBK: Ultimate Hasbro WWF Figures Guide

The early 1990s was a transition period for the WWF. Similarly, the memorable line of Hasbro WWF figures was a transition between the popular but simplistic LJN figures of the 1980s to the more detailed lines from Jakks Pacific that carried the company through its Attitude Era boom.

Hasbro WWF figures capture the larger-than-life personalities that inhabited the WWF at the time. They're more detailed than their LJN predecessors. They also gave fans their first taste at articulate figures. They're still a far cry from the detailed pieces produced today, even on a mass scale, but moving arms are still better than nothing.

The Hasbro WWF line spanned 11 main series released between 1990 and 1994. There were also special series such as the SummerSlam rereleases, tag team dual packs and accessories.

While the LJN figures are plain and can't be posed, Hasbro's take was more cartoonish. This reflects the WWF product at the time. Superstars were colorful and many could fit into just about any comic book. Hasbro charted the end of Hulk Hogan's initial WWF run, the rise of the Ultimate Warrior and the eventual shift in focus towards Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart and the Undertaker.

Figures came packaged on a standard card. It's dominated by a photo of the wrestler and a large WWF logo. Other features include a facsimile autograph and a cartoon sketch showcasing the figure's signature move.

Backs list the various figures in the particular line as well as a file card similar to what you'd find on the back of a G.I. Joe figure.

The majority of series have virtually the same packaging. In later series, Hasbro started changing the card color to differentiate them. Starting with Series 7, the familiar blue cards gave way to yellow. Ensuing sets included purple, green and red.

Hasbro WWF figures are most valuable when they're still in their package or mint on card. Some remain extremely affordable while others are rare and can run into the hundreds. For more casual fans, most loose figures can be found for a few dollars, especially if they don't have any accessories.

Among the most valuable figures are the Series 1 Dusty Rhodes and Series 3 Ultimate Warrior. Mail-away figures of Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart and the Undertaker are also extremely pricey. These come in a clear bag rather than on a traditional card. Prototypes used in the production process can go for huge amounts, especially if the figure didn't end up being used.

Get a look at the various lineups of Hasbro WWF figures below and by using the tabs above. If you're looking for a particular wrestler, click on the links. For wrestlers with more than one figure, we've included a brief description to know what to look for.


1990 Hasbro WWF Figures Series 1

Hasbro WWF Series 1 Andre the Giant

1991 Hasbro WWF Figures Series 2

Hasbro WWF Figures Series 2 Macho King Randy Savage

1991 Hasbro Summerslam WWF Figures

Existing figures released on new SummerSlam cards.

Hasbro WWF Summerslam Ultimate Warrior

1992 Hasbro WWF Figures Series 3

Hasbro WWF Koko B Ware Figure

1992 Hasbro WWF Figures Series 4

Hasbro WWF Undertaker

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1993 Hasbro WWF Figures Series 5

Hasbro WWF The Mountie

1993 Hasbro WWF Figures Series 6

Hasbro WWF Ric Flair

1993 Hasbro WWF Figures Series 7 - Yellow Card

Hasbro WWF Shawn Michaels

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1994 Hasbro WWF Figures Series 8 - Red Card

Hasbro WWF Mr Perfect

1994 Hasbro WWF Figures Series 9 - Purple Card

Hasbro WWF Ted DiBiase

1994 Hasbro WWF Figures Series 10 - Dark Blue Card

Hasbro WWF Fatu

1994 Hasbro WWF Figures Series 11 - Green Card

Hasbro WWF 1-2-3 Kid

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Tag Teams

Hasbro WWF Figures - Tag Teams

Release years noted.

Hasbro WWF Figures Demolition

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Hasbro released a handful of different rings for their WWF line. The blue ring is the most common, although these come with variations. The JC Penny-exclusive with Hulk Hogan and Macho Man is the most valuable.

Here's a list of WWF rings produced by Hasbro:

  • Blue Ring with Black Turnbuckles - Circle
  • Blue Ring with Black Turnbuckles - Square
  • Blue Ring with Blue Turnbuckles - Circle
  • Blue Ring with Blue Turnbuckles - Square
  • Blue Ring with Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Figures - JC Penny-exclusive
  • Blue Ring with Sound - UK-exclusive
  • Yellow - King of the Ring

Hasbro WWF Ring Hasbro WWF Ring Yellow King of the Ring

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