1985 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Series 1 Trading Cards

1985 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Series 1 Trading Cards


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Garbage Pail Kids were originally made as a spoof the Cabbage Patch Kids phenomenon. Topps released the first series in 1985 and they were an instant hit. The sticker cards feature a grotesque child usually doing something gross. Edgy at the time, Garbage Pail Kids found themselves banned from many schools. Lots of kids also snuck their collections into their houses, worried their parents might catch them.

The complete set Garbage Pail Kids Series 1 consists of 88 stickers: 44 A cards and 44 B cards. This includes variation backs for cards 5, 8 and 29. Matching A and B cards have the same images but different numbering. Series 1 also features glossy and matte finishes, depending on the printing. Matte-finish cards are more rare and carry a premium.

Series 1 introduced several iconic Garbage Pail Kids characters including Adam Bomb, Nasty Nick and New Wave Dave. The initial run lasted 15 sets plus a movie and a variety of other novelty items.


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Set Checklist

1985 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Series 1 Set Checklist

82 cards.

A Series
1a Nasty Nick
2a Junkfood John
3a Up Chuck
4a Fryin' Brian
5a Dead Ted
6a Art Apart
7a Stormy Heather
8a Adam Bomb
9a Boozin' Bruce
10a Tee-vee Stevie
11a Itchy Richie
12a Furry Fran
13a Ashcan Andy
14a Potty Scotty
15a Ailin' Al
16a Weird Wendy
17a Wacky Jackie
18a Cranky Frankie
19a Corroded Carl
20a Swell Mell
21a Virus Iris
22a Junky Jeff
23a Druppy Dan
24a Nervous Rex
25a Creepy Carol
26a Slobby Robbie
27a Brainy Janie
28a Oozy Suzie
29a Bony Joanie
30a New Wave Dave
31a Run Down Rhoda
32a Frigid Bridget
33a Mad Mike
34a Kim Kong
35a Wrinkly Randy
36a Wrappin' Ruth
37a Guillo Tina
38a Slimy Sam
39a Buggy Betty
40a Unstitched Mitch
41a Mean Gene
B Series
1b Evil Eddie
2b Ray Decay
3b Heavin' Steven
4b Electric Bill
5b Jay Decay
6b Busted Bob
7b April Showers
8b Blasted Billy
9b Drunk Ken
10b Geeky Gary
11b Bugged Bert
12b Hairy Mary
13b Stacey Stacy
14b Jasin Basin
15b Mauled Paul
16b Haggy Maggie
17b Loony Lenny
18b Bad Brad
19b Crater Chris
20b Dressy Jesse
21b Sicky Vicky
22b Stinky Stan
23b Leaky Lou
24b Nerdy Norm
25b Scary Carrie
26b Fat Matt
27b Jenny Genius
28b Meltin' Melissa
29b Thin Lynn
30b Graffiti Petey
31b Flat Pat
32b Chilly Millie
33b Savage Stuart
34b Anna Banana
35b Rockin' Robert
36b Tommy Tomb
37b Cindy Lopper
38b Lizard Liz
39b Green Jean
40b Damaged Don
41b Joltin' Joe
1985 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Series 1 Trading Cards 19

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User Reviews

  1. I have a bunch of Garbage Pail Kids Sticker Cards that I am interested in selling. Are they worth anything? The earliest number I have is 15a Ailin’ Al up to number 166a Gored Gordon. Please email if you know any interested parties. Thank you.

  2. I have a about eighty Garbage Pail Sticker Cards interested in selling. There from 1980 Topps Chewing Gum INC. Please email if you know of anyone interested. Thank You


  4. I have almost a complete set of 1985 garbage pail kids stickers both the a and b version in matte. Looking for a very serious buyer

  5. I have the complete full set 1 a/b thru 206 a/b
    Good condition. I have been collecting as a little kid in the 80’s and completed all 5 series! I am looking for a buyer! Any one interested?
    Dcasados80@gmail.com Email if interested

  6. I have full boxes 2 of eache series from four to thirteen I halso have one box of series 3 opened not the full set but the cards are in great condition. Im defently looking for someone who is interested in buying them. I have the 3 series box on craigslust for best of offer.

  7. I have around 360 cards, give or take, all in plastic casing. From beginning, to end of series.

  8. As a child i collected GPK cards, only God knows what ever happened to them! I just recently found 2014 series 1 GPK cards in stores to purchase. I have quite a bit of them now! While searching the web for information on the ORIGINAL 15 SERIES, i have found out that the ALL NEW SERIES has been going on since 2003!!! I am looking for any and all cards from ORIGINAL and ALL NEW SERIES! I am far from being rich so a little at a time would be nice!!! Anyone know where I can get them please let me know! Thanx!

  9. I have an uncut sheet of series 6 cards garbage pale kids and I’m looking to sell it. Can anyone advise me on a price?

  10. I have a full set of Garbage Pale Kids series 1(1985) a & b and full set series 2 a & b and also various series 3-4 84b-166a in matte. Good condition interested in selling, Thank You.

  11. Recently have gotten into collecting the original seires 1&2! If ya got them give me a hollar!!

  12. Just started collecting these with my hubby. Reminds him of when he was a kid & I’m totally enjoying it with him. So far we have 2013-2014 base sets, looking for sets or cards from years previous to these. If anybody has any at a reasonable price I would very much appreciate it.

  13. have an unnumbered wrinkly randy card, just wondering if it is special because of that? also have four complete sets of all 15 series. what would be the best and most profitable way to sell these? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have spent a lot of time putting these in correct order according to each series, whew!

  14. I am looking for a complete or close to complete set of 1985 series 1 Garbage pail kids cards, preferred in good-mint condition

  15. Forget last message (wrong email address)

    Ryan, Misty and Devin, Sorry can’t reply on this website. I have Garbage Pale Kids 1985 full set series 1 & 2 in near mint condition willing to sell. If interested email gampad639@outlook.com. Thank you

  16. I was looking through an old memory box and found a bunch of early 80’s Garbage Pale Kids cards and would like to find out what they are worth and might want to sell them.

  17. I have a complete first set of garbage pail kids, mini version. I know they are rare and was looking for what the value of the card would be. I am interested in selling as well.

  18. I have roughly over 1,300 garbage pail kids cards from the 80’s and above. I have been looking for price ranges, but I haven’t found any, can anybody help me out.

  19. Hi I’m interested in buying anyone’s garbage pail kids cards in various conditions. Also any toys or other items that are gpk I would be interested as well.

  20. I have a lot from 1985 original series 1 till the end still in my collection book with original case. I think it’s matte including the original Adam bomb. Make me an offer and email it to me a.lewis808@me.com

  21. Have a bunch of cabbage patch cards would love to get rid of them.

  22. I have a ton of melton melvin the adam boom. And I think Japanese cards that I didn’t understand as a child but know get. Email me

  23. I have 7 unopened boxes of the following series. 3rd 4rth 5th 6th and 7th. I also have complete sets of 1st and 2nd as well as the UK 1st series complete. Also have loose packs in the series listed. email with questions or interest. charles.wilson@citrix.com

  24. I have hundreds of gpk’s but I have a few that are smaller that I have never seen anywhere. About the size of a cigarette card. What are they. Look really old.

  25. I have a 1985 complete set garbage pail kids …. unopened. .. I wonder what that’s worth

  26. I have a box of the 3-D wall plaques 36 count distributed by Topps in 1986 with the fake wood frames all together in the original box. Can anyone give me an idea of the value–or would be interested in buying this complete box ? It was left in my late husband’s estate. I would be most appreciative.

  27. Hi Martha–

    I would be interested in buying your box of GPK 3-D Wall Plaques. A fair price would be $50.00 + another $5.00 for shipping bringing the total to $55.00.

    I will pay immediately by electronic bank mail to you.

    Email me at my address and we canfinalize the deal.


    Tom Kayser

  28. Martha, Hello Again

    Sorry, I forgot to leave my email address.

    My email address is kayser1@roadrunner.com Please contact me there to finalze the details of the above transaction.

    Tom Kayser

  29. I just found a box full of Garbage pail Kids from 1985-87. Including Adam Bomb and Blasted Billy with matte backs. I would love to get rid of all the cards. They have been handled, A small few (6 maybe) are rough looking. How do I go about seeing what they are worth and selling them? I have around 200 cards.

  30. I have a few thousand gpk cars for series 2-current and a few 1st series cards, i don’t want to sale them i have to sale them, i have some complete sets some missing a card or do a lot of green, black, blue and a few gold border cards, i also have pink a signature card, about 20 atomic refractors from series 2 and a few from 1 chrome, a lot of double, triples some cards i have 10-20 of i have a few error cards,most of the cards are pack fresh and have been in protected since day one, how ever there is a few that have writing and have been played with, i’m sure i’m leaving out some items, i also have a green 10 error card only its not on the card everyone else has seen it on i have it on the mate card, could possibly be the more rare than any other error card. anyways if interested in buying or know where i can sell them fast and in a bundle i don’t want to break them down card by card i dont have the time or energy to do that, please contact me at, please dont contact me for any other reason and please serious buyers only thank you bleubutterfly78@hotmail.com

  31. I have a set of Dutch cards, series one (bought in Belgium). Set is missing 3 cards: 20a odet kroket, 30a werner de verver and 39a Viola vlieg. Condition of the cards is good except 2: 7a razende Roeland and 14a spoelbak Jack, which have minor damage. Any idea on the value? Thanks in advance!

  32. I have over 1000 cards most are from the early 80’s with shiny and matte. If you have a list of what you are collecting please feel free to email me; to see if I have it.

  33. My mom saved all my garbage pail kid cards from the early 80’s, I believe I have over 100 would like to get rid of them. My.saved them in her safety deposit box. Call or text me if interested plano tX 432-254-0371

  34. I have numerous cards don’t know what all I have but I do have as low as 42 a and atom bomb three different names but same pic. Anyways you can email me anytime.
    Thanks Joseph

  35. I have many from the first series that I would like to sell. I think they are cause I have some that I don’t see here like potty Scotty, Jason basin, boozin’ Bruce,mean gene,atom bomb, unstitched Mitch, dressy Jesse, scary Carrie, slobby robbie, graffiti petty and more. Please email me jayy7386 at gmail

  36. I have a bunch of cards ranging from 42a to 299
    If u are interested, email me. Thx

  37. I have two complete sets….( series one ) near mint
    Also I have close to 2000 near mint (series 1 – 5 )
    I am looking for a serious buyer

  38. I have two complete sets of the entire OS 1-15 with all variations in mint condition all in sleeves and in separate binders. I also have the small U.K. stickers 1st and 2nd series in mint condition. Looking for a serious buyer. Reply for details on how to contact me.

  39. I have close to 100 ranging from 20’s to 380 ish. I would like to sell as a whole. Im located in Seattle Washington. 2064518631 send me a text

  40. Hi. I have The Garbage Gang cards from 1985. Is they worth anything??

  41. I have complete sets (1-11 or 12) that I have had since I was a kid. All cards are in 9-pocket holders in binders. All are in MT/NM condition. Haven’t looked at them in years. Maybe someone else would appreciate them/ collect them. Not sure what they’re worth combined? I also have a complete set of the 1st series giant cards. Any thoughts?

  42. my father passed away 2 yrs. ago, he was 88yrs. old he left to me all his cards 10 of thosandsof cards. baseball,football basketball,hockey, sets of cards movie card novelty cards such as cabbagepatch kids superman batman etc. to many to metion 1st.ditions pokemon cards etc. i’m interested in selling them some or all ! please contact me if you or any one is interested! anice collection indeed baseball cards in40’s 50’s 60 ‘ 70 ’80 -2000’s mickey mantle’s willie mays etc hof’ers.

  43. I have sets 2-9 the only complete set is 4, i have over 800 cards. I also have smaller cards that are set 1, was set 1 smaller or are these some special set?

  44. I recently was going through thousands of baseball cards from 1985-1987, and found a couple hundred GPK that were fresh from the pack and stored away alll these years. Is there a price guide available where I could find some of the values of these cards? For example-I have
    (4) 1a Nasty Nick
    (5) 8a Adam Bomb
    (5) 8b Blasted Billy

    Thanks for any advice or help.

  45. I have been collecting garbage pail kids for a long time.i have an extensive collection and always looking for more..the more rare the better..part of my collection is the original series 1 garbage pail kid set with all variations a and b and they are all graded psa 10 gem mint!!the only problem is i am missing one card from that set that i cant find anywhere..that card is potty scotty..maybe someone can help me find this particular card??i need a 1985 original series 1 graded psa 10 potty scotty..please contact me and let me know i will buy it right away..nickstonesifer78@gmail.com..thank you..

  46. I just found some gpk cards, and the internet is not helping me find a value. Most are matt finish from 1985. Can anybody give me some direction with putting a value on these.

  47. I am interested in purchasing the number one set in psa 10 and would appreciate any assistance. Thanks, Jim

  48. I have a stack of 80’s garbage pail kids cards and was wondering if someone could point me in the right direcrion to find out their value. I also have a small stack of grossville high. Thank you

  49. You can check completed sales prices for your specific cards on eBay. Condition is very important in regards to value.

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