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Funko Pop Yu Yu Hakusho Vinyl Figures

Funko Pop Yu Yu Hakusho Vinyl Figures


Product DetailsFunko Pop Yu Yu Hakusho brings the popular Japanese anime and manga series direct to vinyl collectors. The Pop! Animation set contains several options from the story that centers around a teenage boy killed while trying to save someone.

Although Yusuke Urameshi dies, the paranormal story is far from over. The Underworld Detective headlines the anime set in an all-green outfit. Collectors can also find Kazuma Kuwabara, the orange-haired frenemy who wields his Spirit Sword.

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Other figure choices include blue-haired Botan, the pilot on the River Styx who brings the dead to the underworld. She wears a pink kimono and rides an oar similar to how a witch uses a broom.

Although still going by his demon name, Yoko Kurama takes human form. Rocking red hair and a pinkish uniform with gold trim, the Kurama figure holds the thorny Rose Whip.

Finally, Hiei is an exclusive release at a TBA store. Hiei is dressed in black and is ready for battle by unleashing his Black Dragon Wave.

If you come across any other Funko Pop Yu Yu Hakusho figures, please let us know.

Funko Pop Yu Yu Hakusho Checklist

Yusuke Urameshi
Kazuma Kuwabara
Hiei - TBD Exclusive

Estimated Release Date: July / August 2019

Funko Pop Yu Yu Hakusho Gallery

Final images and box numbers to be added. 

Funko Pop Yu Yu Hakusho Vinyl Figures 1

Funko Pop Yu Yu Hakusho Vinyl Figures 2


Funko Pop Yu Yu Hakusho Vinyl Figures 3
Funko Pop Yu Yu Hakusho Vinyl Figures 19

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