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Funko Pop Wall-E Vinyl Figures

Funko Pop Wall-E Vinyl Figures


Product Details
The lovebirds, or rather love bots, receive a vinyl makeover with Funko Pop Wall-E figures. The set includes the adorable duo from the critically acclaimed 2008 Disney/Pixar Studios animated film WALL-E.

Despite being a robot, WALL-E captured the hearts of moviegoers as audiences watched the Waste Allocation Load Lifter: Earth class (WALL·E) discover he was meant for more than cleaning up the filth left behind by the humans on Earth. Of course, this is due to the arrival of a new, oval-shaped Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator (EVE) droid probe.

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The Funko Pop Wall-E set features a white, polished EVE with her arms placed slightly behind her contoured body. She also has a green plant sticker on the front, referencing her purpose of finding vegetation. Adding more personality, her blue LED eyes are seemingly illuminated. In contrast, WALL-E has a somewhat box-shaped body with tractor treads as feet. His large, round eyes, which are actually camera lenses, framed in yellow, correspond to his body color.

Despite the small selection, Funko Pop Wall-E has a few unique options. In honor of Earth Day, collectors can find special BoxLunch exclusives for EVE and WALL-E. Each figure, which holds a pant in a boot, is made of 20% recycled material. In addition, the main structure of the box is made of 80% recycled material and the transparent portion is 100% recyclable PET.

Funko Pop Wall-E Vinyl Figures 1  Funko Pop Wall-E Vinyl Figures 2

Funko Pop Wall-E Checklist

44 EVE
400 WALL-E Earth Day - BoxLunch
552 EVE Earth Day - BoxLunch


Funko Pop Wall-E Gallery

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44 EVE

Funko Pop Wall-E Vinyl Figures 3


Funko Pop Wall-E Vinyl Figures 4

400 WALL-E Earth Day - BoxLunch

Funko Pop Wall-E Vinyl Figures 5

552 EVE Earth Day - BoxLunch

Funko Pop Wall-E Vinyl Figures 6

Funko Pop Wall-E Vinyl Figures 7
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