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Funko Pop Veep

Funko Pop Veep Vinyl Figures

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Everyone's favorite politician enters the vinyl realm with Funko Pop Veep. The critically acclaimed HBO series stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus in the lead role and she headlines the Funko Pop! Television set.

With multiple seasons to work with, Funko Pop Veep showcases Selina Meyer from Season 3. The full look features a powerful pose, short haircut, and dark suit with a small flag pin. The limited chase variant, averaging 1:6 boxes, offers her long locks and a red suit instead.

Of course, never far away, the loyal Gary Walsh, played by Tony Hale, is always ready to tend to Meyer's needs with his trusty bag. Rounding out the debut lineup is the gangly Jonah Ryan (not Jon H. Ryan), gaining larger prominence in Veep, and Richard Splett, who first debuted in Season 3 as a campaign aide before carving out a bigger role as Selina Meyer's Chief of Staff.

Funko Pop Veep Vinyl Figures 1

Funko Pop Veep Checklist

723 Selina Meyer
723 Selina Meyer Chase
724 Gary Walsh
725 Jonah Ryan
726 Richard Splett

Estimated Release Date: September/October 2018

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723 Selina Meyer

Funko Pop Veep Vinyl Figures 2
723 Selina Meyer Chase Variant Red Suit (1:6 boxes)

Funko Pop Veep Vinyl Figures 3
724 Gary Walsh

Funko Pop Veep Vinyl Figures 4
725 Jonah Ryan

Funko Pop Veep Vinyl Figures 5
726 Richard Splett

Funko Pop Veep Vinyl Figures 6

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