Funko Pop Us Movie Vinyl Figures

Funko Pop Us Movie Vinyl Figures


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The 2019 horror film from Jordan Peele takes a walk on the vinyl side with Funko Pop Us Movie figures.

The set naturally highlights several key characters from Santa Cruz, which is where the creepy events take place. Lupita Nyong'o as Adelaide Wilson wears a bloody shirt while chained at the wrists. She also holds a fire poker. Her doppelgänger, Red, is dressed in a red jumpsuit while holding scissors.

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Other members of the family include Abraham grasping a bat, Umbrae sporting scissors, and a masked Pluto that is issued either fully masked or as a chase variant with his mask up. These figures come in red jumpsuits, as well.

Jason, Adelaide's son, is exclusive to FunkoShop. His figure also has a mask resting atop his head.

Jordan Peele wrote and directed Us following his directorial debut Get Out in 2017.

Please let us know if you see any additional Funko Pop Us Movie figures.

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Pluto w/ Mask
Pluto Chase
Jason with Mask - FunkoShop

Estimated Release Date: December 2019

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