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Ultimate Funko Pop Uglydoll Figures Checklist and Gallery

Ultimate Funko Pop Uglydoll Figures Checklist and Gallery


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Only the Funko Pop Uglydoll line could make the "ugly" dolls look incredibly adorable. The series includes popular subjects from the Pretty Ugly toy company.

The dolls are distinctly in a class all their own, which makes them more than qualified for a Pop! makeover. Ice-Bat, Ox, Wage, Ninja Batty Shogun and Little Babo all have main figures that are part of the standalone Pop! Uglydoll set. Adding to that, collectors can find a glow-in-the-dark chase variant for each subject.

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Providing even more choices, several variants were issued as 2012 San Diego Comic-Con exclusives. These include a white Ice-Bat, purple Ox, black Wage, and red Ninja Batty Shogun. Collectors can also find limited alternatives in conjunction with the color variants. However, with just 48 pieces produced for each version, they can be more difficult to track down.

Funko Pop Uglydoll  

Funko Pop Uglydoll Checklist

01 Ice-Bat
01 Ice-Bat GITD - Chase Variant
01 Ice-Bat White - 2012 SDCC
01 Ice-Bat White GITD - 2012 SDCC
02 Ox
02 Ox GITD - Chase Variant
02 Ox Purple - 2012 SDCC
02 Ox Purple Metallic - 2012 SDCC
03 Wage
03 Wage Black - 2012 SDCC
03 Wage Black Metallic - 2012 SDCC
03 Wage GITD - Chase Variant
04 Ninja Batty Shogun
04 Ninja Batty Shogun GITD - Chase Variant
04 Ninja Batty Shogun Red - 2012 SDCC
04 Ninja Batty Shogun Red Metallic - 2012 SDCC
05 Little Babo
05 Little Babo GITD - Chase Variant

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