Funko Pop Trolls Vinyl Figures

Funko Pop Trolls Vinyl Figures


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No, it's not a set of figures for the angry people on the internet. Funko Pop Trolls highlights the unmistakable toys with tall, colorful hair that have been popping up since the 1960s.

The familiar creatures get a vinyl reboot courtesy of the Funko Pop Trolls line. While the main figure design is standard across the first batch, the different trolls are evident based on the hair color. Most figures add a matching belly button gemstone, as well. Otherwise, the bodies and heads appear to be identical. And, according to Funko, the figures have real hair.

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In addition to Orange Troll, Pink Troll, Rainbow Troll and Teal Troll in the initial wave, exclusives include Blue Troll (Barnes & Noble) and Yellow Troll (FunkoShop).

Originally known as a Dam doll, the troll dolls (or good luck trolls or gonk trolls) were first created in 1959. After several decades of highs and lows, the brand was acquired by DreamWorks Animation, which also produced the 2016 Trolls film featuring voicework from Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake.

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Funko Pop Trolls Checklist

Teal Troll
Rainbow Troll
Pink Troll
Orange Troll
Yellow Troll - FunkoShop
Blue Troll - Barnes & Noble

Estimated Release Date: January 2020

Funko Pop Trolls Gallery

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Funko Pop Trolls Vinyl Figures 1

Funko Pop Trolls Vinyl Figures 2

Funko Pop Trolls Vinyl Figures 3
Funko Pop Trolls Vinyl Figures 7

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