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2017 Funko Pop Trollhunters Vinyl Figures

2017 Funko Pop Trollhunters Vinyl Figures


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When Jim says: "For the Glory of Merlin, daylight is mine to command," he must have secretly summoned the Funko Pop Trollhunters vinyl figures line. The set brings options for Jim and his friends from the DreamWorks series.

The acclaimed animated show from Guillermo del Toro, Trollhunters debuted in 2016 and quickly became another successful Netflix original. Jim, a typical teenager, finds a magical amulet which transforms him into the first human Trollhunter. Joined by his friends, he soon discovers what it takes to help protect a secret world of Trolls from evil.

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Funko Pop Trollhunters features Jim wearing his silver armor suit and holding a sword he summons using the amulet, while the limited chase variant of Jim has the actual amulet rather than the sword. Also by his side is a mischievous gnome, presumably the one Jim must capture as part of his first Trollhunter task. Jim's best friend, Toby is seen wearing a red sweater vest over a yellow shirt with brown pants, while Armored Toby sports a cooking pot on his head. He is joined by Gnome Chompsky, who lives with Toby. Holding the Shadow Staff, Claire wears a black jacket and her purple-streaked hair is pulled back with three colored barrettes.

While the humans in Funko Pop Trollhunters seem to be the standard Pop! sizing, the gnomes are obviously shorter and the trolls are generally much wider. Blinkous "Blinky" Galadrigal, the green, six-eyed troll, is more slender than the other two, and he even has brown pants held up by suspenders. Much more imposing, the dark blue, red-eyed Bular stands with one fist on the ground, wearing a brown belt decorated with skulls. Aaarrrgghh!!! is featured on all fours and, like the other trolls, his teeth show through his closed mouth.

Numbered as part of the main Pop! Television line, Funko Pop Trollhunters is issued through Target locations, however, collectors may purchase the figures on, too.

2017 Funko Pop Trollhunters Vinyl Figures 1  2017 Funko Pop Trollhunters Vinyl Figures 2

Funko Pop Trollhunters Checklist

466 Jim with Gnome
466 Jim with Gnome (Amulet) - Chase Variant
467 Toby with Gnome
468 Claire with Gnome
469 Blinkous Galadrigal
470 Aaarrrgghh!!!
471 Bular
473 Toby Armored
466 Jim w/Red Armor - 2017 NYCC
470 AAARRRGGHH!!! Stone - 2017 NYCC

2017 Funko Pop Trollhunters Vinyl Figures 3
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