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Funko Pop Tokyo Ghoul Vinyl Figures

Funko Pop Tokyo Ghoul Vinyl Figures


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Funko Pop Tokyo Ghoul finds a vinyl home with Pop! Animation! The small set offers stylized subjects from the popular anime series.

Half-ghoul Ken Kaneki is featured in the notorious mask, revealing a single blood-red eye. Corresponding with the black mask, the One-Eyed King is dressed in a suit trimmed in white, while his fingernails and toenails are painted black. In addition to the primary Funko Pop Tokyo Ghoul option, the Ken Kaneki glow-in-the-dark variant is issued through Hot Topic. Both vinyl figures feature his oversized kagune, resembling a centipede, behind his back, that is almost as large as Ken.

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Fans of the Japanese manga-based show can also find Touka Kirishima in the set, with her signature purple hair covering part of her face, leaving one visible eye. Posed with her fists tightly clenched, Touka wears a blue jacket and shorts.

Funko Pop Tokyo Ghoul  Funko Pop Tokyo Ghoul

Funko Pop Tokyo Ghoul Checklist

61 Ken Kaneki
61 Ken Kaneki GITD - Hot Topic
62 Touka Kirishima

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61 Ken Kaneki

Funko Pop Tokyo Ghoul

61 Ken Kaneki Glow-in-the-Dark - Hot Topic

Funko Pop Tokyo Ghoul

62 Touka Kirishima

Funko Pop Tokyo Ghoul

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