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Funko Pop Tokidoki Figures

Funko Pop Tokidoki Figures

Collect various anime-style characters in Funko Pop Tokidoki. Featuring the work of artist Simone Legno, look for multiple Tokidoki Pop! options.

The initial batch of Funko Pop Tokidoki mainly features subjects in their one-piece outfits. Wearing green, SANDy is part of the Cactus Friends. She is joined by Cactus Rocker, in black, who is exclusive to Toy Tokyo.

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If you need more choices, there's also the sweet Donutella along with Mozzarella of the Moofia. In addition, Stellina is one of the Unicorno ponies.

With a large number of established characters to cover, Funko has many possible options if the vinyl series sees any expansion.

Please email us or leave a comment below regarding any new figures.

Funko Pop Tokidoki Figures Checklist

Cactus Rocker - Toy Tokyo
95 Sandy - 2021 FunKon
101 Scooter - 2021 FunKon
102 Sabochan - 2021 FunKon
103 Caramelo - 2021 FunKon


Funko Pop Tokidoki Figures Gallery


Funko Pop Tokidoki Figures 1

Cactus Rocker - Toy Tokyo

Funko Pop Tokidoki Figures 2

95 Sandy - 2021 FunKon Summer SDCC

Funko Pop Tokidoki Figures 3

101 Scooter (PR=1,500 pieces) - 2021 FunKon Summer SDCC

Funko Pop Tokidoki Figures 4

102 Sabochan - 2021 FunKon Summer SDCC

Funko Pop Tokidoki Figures 5

103 Caramelo - 2021 FunKon Summer SDCC

Funko Pop Tokidoki Figures 6

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