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Funko Pop Titanic Vinyl Figures


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Their hearts do indeed go on in Funko Pop Titanic. Jack and Rose are reunited in vinyl form with the Pop! Movies set.

Merging the fanciful tale based around the largest passenger ship in the world with an ultimately tragic love story, Titanic set records and made buckets of money in 1997. Over 25 years later, the lead characters in the film make their Funko vinyl debut.

Jack, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, wears a classy tuxedo and stands in a dignified pose with one hand behind his back. Rose (Kate Winslet) is also dressed in formal attire as she sports a full-length gown and elegant hairstyle. Accessories include diamond earrings, a diamond necklace, and a small handbag.

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Looking much more casual in their Target two-pack, the exclusive combo set captures the attire worn in the iconic "I'm the king of the world" moment. Rose comes in a simple blue dress with an outstretched hand, while Jack wears suspenders and an overcoat. He, of course, has his arm out to take her hand.

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Funko Pop Titanic Checklist

705 Jack
706 Rose
Rose & Jack 2-Pack - Target

Estimated Release Date: December 2018January 2019

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705 Jack

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706 Rose

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Rose & Jack 2-Pack - Target

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