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Funko Pop Thor Ragnarok Vinyl Figures

Funko Pop Thor Ragnarok Vinyl Figures


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Funko Pop Thor Ragnarok brings new figures to the Pop! Marvel line while a few legendary characters receive an updated appearance. Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) have a plethora of options to find from the Thor: Ragnarök film.

Although several earlier figures of Thor feature the Asgardian Prince with his signature long locks, Funko Pop Thor Ragnarok includes a short-haired Thor without the mighty Mjölnir. Also noticeably different than previous releases is Loki dressed in blue rather than green, and Heimdall, who stands ready to fight without armor while wielding a sword.

Order Funko Thor Ragnarok Figures on Entertainment Earth.

The Gladiator-styled Hulk, along with Bruce Banner, expands the Funko Pop Thor Ragnarok set. There are also retail-specific versions to locate. Exclusive options include Thor holding a helmet (Hot Topic), Hela unmasked (Target), and Surtur (GameStop).

Additional Target exclusives include the Hulk 10" Super Size Pop!, along with neon blue and green Hulk which is part of box bundle gift set.

Funko Pop Thor Ragnarok Vinyl Figures 1  Funko Pop Thor Ragnarok Vinyl Figures 2

Funko Pop Thor Ragnarok Checklist

240 Thor
241 Hulk
241 Hulk 10" - Target
241 Hulk Neon - Target Box Bundle
242 Loki
243 Hela
244 Valkyrie
245 Heimdall
246 Thor w/ Surtur Helmet - Hot Topic
247 Thor w/ Helmet- MCC
248 Loki w/ Helmet - MCC
249 Hulk w/ Axe - Walmart
250 Bruce Banner - Toys R Us
251 Hela Unmasked - Target
252 Surtur - GameStop
253 Hulk Casual - 2017 NYCC
254 Grandmaster - 2017 NYCC
269 Korg
335 Thor w/ Odin Force - 2018 SDCC
336 Hero Valkyrie - 2018
391 Korg w/ Miek - 2018 NYCC/GameStop/EB Games

Funko Pop Thor Ragnarok Vinyl Figures 3
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Funko Pop Thor Ragnarok Vinyl Figures 20

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Lisa grew up in Arlington, Texas where she regularly attended Rangers games and fell in love with baseball. She began collecting her favorite players' cards when every pack came with a stick of gum. With almost every baseball release, Lisa continues to grow her collection. She is also an avid fan of WWE, MMA, comics and every genre of music. Lisa is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.

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  1. Author

    Pops #247 and #248 are collector corps exclusive pops. #247- Thor with Helmet bobble-head. #248- Loki with Helmet bobble-head.

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