Funko Pop The Purge Vinyl Figures

Funko Pop The Purge Vinyl Figures


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Funko Pop The Purge vinyl figures deal with a future society where all crime is legal for one night a year.

First released in 2013, The Purge from Blumhouse Productions has since produced several sequels and a television series. The Funko Pop The Purge figure line looks to some of the more menacing characters from the franchise.

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Choices include Lady Liberty with an axe and the furry Big Pig with a nose ring, pink pacifier and blade. Among the more bloody options, Betsy Ross wears a bonnet and patriotic mask while Freakbride has a "Kiss Me" mask and a pink skirt. These figures all come from The Purge: Election Year (2016).

For The Purge: Anarchy, collectors can find The Waving God.

Please drop us a line if you see any other Funko Pop The Purge figures.

Funko Pop The Purge Checklist

Election Year
Lady Liberty
Big Pig
Betsy Ross
The Waving God

Estimated Release Date: November 2019

Funko Pop The Purge Gallery

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