2017 Funko Pop The Mummy Vinyl Figures

2017 Funko Pop The Mummy Vinyl Figures


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Pop! Movies enters into a new realm of gods and monsters with Funko Pop The Mummy. The cinematic release offers a few key options from Universal’s The Mummy reboot.

Bringing a new level of fear to the masses, The Mummy stars Tom Cruise as Nick Morton who inadvertently awakens a mummified princess. Princess Ahmanet (also The Mummy), portrayed by Sofia Boutella (Kingsman: The Secret Service, Star Trek Beyond), has been resting in a crypt for a thousand years, giving the Princess plenty of time to exact revenge on those who placed her there.

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The Mummy is shown with partially unwrapped cloth, making the various tattoos on her body visible. Tattoos also mark her forehead and both cheeks, and her long fingernails and toes are pale gray, keeping the overall dismal tone for the figure. In contrast, Ahmanet stands in a white sleeveless dress with her olive skin unblemished. The princess wears gold jewelry and strapped sandals revealing her teal painted toes. The very first Pop! figure for Tom Cruise, Nick Morton wears a black harness that goes above his hips and almost down to his knees. The mysterious character also holds what seems to be a special flashlight.

Included in the main Pop! Movies line, each Funko Pop The Mummy figure appears the standard Pop! 3 3/4" size.

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Funko Pop The Mummy Checklist

434 The Mummy
435 Ahmanet
436 Nick Morton

Estimated Release Date: April 2017

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434 The Mummy

2017 Funko Pop The Mummy Vinyl Figures 24


435 Ahmanet

2017 Funko Pop The Mummy Vinyl Figures 25

436 Nick Morton

2017 Funko Pop The Mummy Vinyl Figures 26


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