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2018 Funko Pop The Jetsons Vinyl Figures

2018 Funko Pop The Jetsons Vinyl Figures


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Meet George Jetson, and the rest of the gang, with Funko Pop The Jetsons figures!

Originally airing in the 1960s, The Jetsons is one of many Hanna-Barbera animated classics. The futuristic Funko Pop The Jetsons lineup includes patriarch George Jetson, the family dog, Astro, and Rosie the robot maid.

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Although no other family members from the main Jetson clan have been announced aside from George, one would expect future figures for his boy, Elroy, and daughter, Judy, plus Jane, his wife.

Rosie the Robot was actually the first Funko Pop The Jetsons release available to collectors. A limited three-pack debuted at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con Pop-Up Shop with three different pastel colors for Rosie and a total run of 2,000 sets.

The box numbering for the vinyl figures corresponds to the larger Pop! Animation offshoot.

Funko Pop The Jetsons

Funko Pop The Jetsons Checklist

365 George Jetson
366 Astro
367 Rosie
Combo Packs
Rosie the Robot - 2017 SDCC Pop-Up

Estimated Release Date: May 2018

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Funko Pop The Jetsons Gallery

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365 George Jetson

Funko Pop The Jetsons
366 Astro

Funko Pop The Jetsons
367 Rosie

Funko Pop The Jetsons

Funko Pop Jetsons Combos

Rosie the Robot 3-Pack (Yellow/Pink/Orange) - 2017 San Diego Comic-Con Pop-Up (PR=2,000 pieces)



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