Funko Pop Teen Wolf Vinyl Figures

Funko Pop Teen Wolf Vinyl Figures


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Premiering fashionably late, Funko Pop Teen Wolf joins the Pop! Television and Pop! Movies pack (yes, I did). The small set offers vinyl figures from the original movie and the MTV series reboot.

Teen Wolf first emerged in 1985 with a young Michael J. Fox playing Scott Howard, a teenager who turns into a werewolf. Admittedly, the Teen Wolf show has very little in common with the '85 film as creator Jeff Davis wanted a darker, less comedic show. Nonetheless, the TV series follows teenager Scott McCall after he has been bitten by a werewolf, consequently turning into one himself.

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However, the MTV show figures came first. Funko Pop Teen Wolf features Scott McCall in a prepared-for-anything stance wearing blue jeans, along with a maroon shirt and brown jacket. Building on the same pose and outfit, the fanged werewolf form is slightly bulkier with pointy ears and glowing red eyes. His hair is also thicker, forming a v-like shape on his crinkled forehead. In addition, his best friend Stiles Stilinski wears a gray and black hoodie and grasps a backpack strap over one shoulder.

Issued in 2019, the Michael J. Fox version captures the classic movie scene of the full-fledged werewolf showcasing his skills on the basketball court. There is also an exclusive figure at 2019 San Deigo Comic-Con.

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Funko Pop Teen Wolf Vinyl Figures 1

Funko Pop Teen Wolf Checklist

Pop Television
484 Scott McCall
485 Scott McCall (Werewolf)
486 Stiles Stilinski
Pop Movies
TBD Scott Howard
773 Scott Howard - 2019 SDCC/Target


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Funko Pop Teen Wolf - Television

484 Scott McCall

Funko Pop Teen Wolf Vinyl Figures 2

485 Scott McCall (Werewolf)

Funko Pop Teen Wolf Vinyl Figures 3

486 Stiles Stilinski

Funko Pop Teen Wolf Vinyl Figures 4

Funko Pop Teen Wolf - Movies

TBD Scott Howard - August / September 2019

Funko Pop Teen Wolf Vinyl Figures 5

773 Scott Howard - 2019 San Diego Comic-Con/Target

Funko Pop Teen Wolf Vinyl Figures 6

Funko Pop Teen Wolf Vinyl Figures 7
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