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Funko Pop Teen Titans Go Vinyl Figures Guide and Gallery

Funko Pop Teen Titans Go Vinyl Figures Guide and Gallery


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Putting a new spin on DC Comics' Teen Titans, Funko Pop Teen Titans Go figures showcase the Cartoon Network show with multiple options and several exclusives.

Now retired from production, Funko Pop Teen Titans Go wave one includes figures for each of the primary characters in the series. Raven also has several color variants that are exclusive to select retailers. This includes Orange and Red at Toys R Us, and the elusive White from Hot Topic.

Shop for Pop Teen Titans Go Figures at Entertainment Earth.

Issued much later, a second Funko Pop Teen Titans Go run consists of Robin, Raven, and Starfire doing their best impersonation of other notable heroes. This is actually based on a Teen Titans Go! episode. Robin comes dressed as Batman, Raven dons the gear of Wonder Woman, and Starfire assumes the role of The Flash. The trio is part of the Toys R Us exclusives at 2016 San Diego Comic-Con.

Although first lip-synced by Cyborg at the end of an episode, The Night Begins to Shine is later the focus of a full episode with the entire team participating. Funko Pop Teen Titans Go celebrates the '80s-themed music video with a new series that also includes Toys R Us exclusives for a glow-in-the-dark Cyborg, and a flocked version of Bear.

Funko Pop Teen Titans Go Vinyl Figures Guide and Gallery 1 Funko Pop Teen Titans Go Vinyl Figures Guide and Gallery 2

Funko Pop Teen Titans Go Checklist

107 Robin
108 Raven Purple
108 Raven GITD - Toys R Us
108 Raven Gray - Toys R Us
108 Raven Orange - Toys R Us
108 Raven Pink - Toys R Us
108 Raven Red - Toys R Us
108 Raven White - Hot Topic
109 Beast Boy
110 Cyborg
110 Camo Cyborg - Walmart
111 Starfire
334 Robin as Batman - 2016 SDCC
335 Raven as Wonder Woman - 2016 SDCC
335 Raven as Wonder Woman - Walmart
336 Starfire as The Flash - 2016 SDCC
337 Beast Boy as Martian Manhunter - Toys R Us
338 Cyborg as Green Lantern - Toys R Us
430 Jinx - Toys R Us
454 Blackfire - Toys R Us
455 Terra - Toys R Us
540 Trigon - Toys R Us
Wave Three 
580 Robin as Nightwing
581 Starfire as Batgirl
582 Rose Wilson - Toys R Us
583 Robin as Red X
584 Mammoth
585 Robin as Red X Unmasked - BAM!
599 Robin (Nightwing) with Baby - Hot Topic
TTG: The Night Begins to Shine
603 Raven
604 Beast Boy
604 Beast Boy Metallic - 2018 NYCC/Toy Tokyo
605 Cyborg
606 Robin
607 Starfire
608 Bear
608 Bear Flocked - Toys R Us
609 Cyborg GITD - Toys R Us
615 Raven as Lady Legasus
647 Killer Moth - 2018 SDCC

Funko Pop Teen Titans Go Vinyl Figures Guide and Gallery 3
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  1. Author

    Hot Topic has an exclusive of Raven as Lady Legasus

  2. Author

    Walmart has Exclusive s

    335 Raven as wondermoman (grey) https://www.walmart.com/ip/Funko-POP-TV-Teen-Titans-Go-Raven-as-Wonder-Woman-Walmart-Exclusive/266710221


    110 cyborg (camo) https://www.walmart.com/ip/Funko-POP-TV-Teen-Titans-Go-Cyborg-Camo-Walmart-Exclusive/352817237

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