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2017 Funko Pop Team Fortress 2 Vinyl Figures

2017 Funko Pop Team Fortress 2 Vinyl Figures


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Grass grows, birds fly, sun shines, and brother? Scout hurts people, but don't fret, his Funko Pop Team Fortress 2 figure will only help grow your Pop! Games collection. The initial offering features a few more options from the Valve game Team Fortress, also known to fans as TF2.

The first-person, multiplayer shooter TF2 was released in 2007 as part of The Orange Box bundle, ten years later, the video game remains popular with gamers. Funko Pop Team Fortress 2 commemorates the 10th Anniversary with three marquee role/class characters.

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Batter-up! Scout is a quick and agile Bostonian who, due to a low health level, carries a baseball bat and pistol. However, his stylized figure stands with only the bat resting on his shoulder. Scout is seen wearing dog tags, a headset, and of course, a pair of running shoes (or cleats). Moving from the fastest to the slowest character: the Heavy Weapons Guy. A rather large Russian known simply as Heavy is posed with his weapon of choice Sasha, which is actually a huge "minigun" but looks more like a miniature cannon.

What good is a team if they get injured? No worries here, as the Pop! Games lineup also includes Medic. The German doctor has round white-framed glass and appears to be wearing a version of the "Colonel's Coat," which was created by the TF2 community, making this Medic extra-special. In addition, he also holds the Medi Gun with two blood-red surgical gloves.

Funko Pop Team Fortress 2  Funko Pop Team Fortress 2

Funko Pop Team Fortress 2 Checklist

247 Scout
248 Heavy
249 Medic

Estimated Release Date: October 2017

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247 Scout

248 Heavy

249 Medic

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