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Ultimate Funko Pop Supernatural Vinyl Figures List, Gallery and Guide

Ultimate Funko Pop Supernatural Vinyl Figures List, Gallery and Guide


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Dedicated to the long-running fantasy-horror series, Funko Pop Supernatural does not have as many figure options as other popular shows. However, with all the variants and exclusives, there is still plenty to keep collectors busy.

Supernatural debuted in 2005 and quickly earned a cult following and critical acclaim. The series largely revolves around Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester as they battle the many creatures in their world.

Issued in small batches over time, the Funko Pop Supernatural checklist has grown to a rather large size. This is due, in large part, to the multiple variants, many of which are exclusive to specific outlets, that are available for most of the primary figures.

The full checklist can be seen below and a complete visual gallery is available using the tab above. Some figure versions are identical to the base edition but feature a store-specific sticker. Many variants are only issued through

Like the majority of Pop! figures, the Supernatural line is approximately 3 3/4" tall. There is also a Cryptozoic trading card series dedicated to the show.

Supernatural Funko Pop main

Funko Pop Supernatural Checklist

See any figures we are missing? Let us know in the comments.

93 Sam
93 Bloody Sam - ConventionExclusive
93 Bloody Sam Metallic - ConventionExclusive
93 FBI Sam - Hot Topic
94 Dean
94 Bloody Dean - ConventionExclusive
94 Bloody Dean Metallic - ConventionExclusive
94 FBI Dean - Hot Topic
95 Castiel
95 French Mistake Castiel - SDCC
95 Winged Castiel - Hot Topic
95 Leviathan Castiel
176 Charlie - Hot Topic
200 Crowley
200 Bloody Crowley - ConventionExclusive
200 Bloody Crowley Metallic - ConventionExclusive
200 Demon Eyes Crowley
304 Castiel "Steve"
304 Castiel "Steve" - Early Hot Topic Edition
305 Bobby Singer
305 Bobby Singer - Early Hot Topic Edition
444 Dean with Blade - Hot Topic
Multi Packs
2-Pack: Sam & Dean - HMV
3-Pack: Bloody Sam, Dean, Crowley - 2015 NYCC
3-Pack: Bloody Sam, Dean, Crowley Metallic - 2015 NYCC
Pop! Rides
32 Baby w/ Dean - 2017 SDCC
46 Baby w/ Sam - Hot Topic
46 Baby w/ Sam Chrome Chase - Hot Topic

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User Comments

  1. Hello!
    Do you know of any upcoming Supernatural FUNKO Pops like the 444 Dean Winchester with blade that’s already been released? If so, what are they and when is the release date?

    Thank you!

  2. Amazon has around 8 different supernatural pop doll’s

  3. I have seen a Castiel with grey gradient wings a few times which doesn’t seem to be on this list?

  4. As far as we know, there is just one version for Winged Castiel, which is included in both the checklist and gallery. The wing color can appear different depending on the light.

  5. There is now a new Pop rides which is Baby and Sam and there is also a chase variant in which Baby is chrome. Its a Hot Topic exclusive I believe (I’m from the UK so it is an EMP exclusive for us but I have seen it online with the Exclusive Hot Topic stickers on for the US market.)

  6. Where can I get the set of three Sam, Dean & Crowley Supernatural Funko Pops (bloody and bloody metallic)

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