Funko Pop Summoners War Vinyl Figures

Funko Pop Summoners War Vinyl Figures


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Prepare for battle with Funko Pop Summoners War vinyl figures. The turn-based strategy franchise gets its own Pop! Games line featuring key subjects from the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG).

Allowing collectors to gameplan their victory with various monsters that can be upgraded, Funko Pop Summoners War includes Camilla (Water Valkyrja), who is dressed in her ornate white, blue and gold battle gear. She also holds a glow-in-the-dark sword and wears a winged helmet that goes with her actual wings.

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On the other hand, Jeanne (Light Paladin) is ready for a ground fight, outfitted in white, gold and green armor with a matching shield. Although subtle, she has a little red in her blond, braided hair.

Much less intimidating, Mav, the sleepy Wind Penguin Knight, is dressed for a fight but appears to be ready for bed. Orion, the Water Brownie Magician, looks very royal wearing a crown and holding a scepter while perched atop a star-covered ball.

Given the many options in the game, Funko Pop Summoners War has no shortage of possible subjects to add if Funko elects to expand the set. All the figures in the set fall in the large Pop! Games lineup.

Funko Pop Summoners War Vinyl Figures 1

Funko Pop Summoners War Checklist

391 Camilla GITD
392 Jeanne
393 Mav
394 Orion

Estimated Release Date: November 2018

Funko Pop Summoners War Gallery

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391 Camilla Glow-in-the-Dark

Funko Pop Summoners War Vinyl Figures 2

392 Jeanne

Funko Pop Summoners War Vinyl Figures 3

393 Mav

Funko Pop Summoners War Vinyl Figures 4

394 Orion

Funko Pop Summoners War Vinyl Figures 5

Funko Pop Summoners War Vinyl Figures 6

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