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Ultimate Funko Pop Steven Universe Figures Checklist and Gallery

Ultimate Funko Pop Steven Universe Figures Checklist and Gallery


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The Gems already love Steven and fans already love the Funko Pop Steven Universe figures. Throughout multiple seasons, Steven Quartz Universe has made many friends, giving Funko plenty of Gems to stylize.

The first series of Funko Pop Steven Universe features the Gems' only male member wearing his signature star t-shirt, blue jeans and flip-flops. Steven’s wavy hair is prominently displayed on his main figure as well as a glow-in-the-dark Hot Topic exclusive, which also reveals his Rose Quartz belly button gem. With bangs covering the left side of her face, a lavender Amethyst wears a purple tank top with her gem peeking through the collar, while Garnet maintains her futuristic look wearing purple-tinted shades that attempt to cover her three eyes. On the more simple side, Pearl stands with her arms out and her feet in a ballerina stance.

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The Crystal Gems also have glow-in-the-dark variants issued through Hot Topic, and along with Steven, each of the initial series figures includes a Hot Topic pre-release exclusive.

Also part of the Pop! Animation line, the second wave of Funko Pop Steven Universe highlights Steven’s best friend, Connie, with a band-aid on her face and her right arm bandaged. Connie's long hair is pulled back in a ponytail which can be seen behind her legs. Bad Gem gone good, a lime-yellow Peridot has a triangular haircut and wears a tinted visor similar to Amethyst. Additionally, Rose Quartz has a flowing pink dress that matches her curled hair, while Lapis is a deep blue color with translucent water wings spread out behind her. Aside from the main option, collectors can find a flocked variant of Steven’s magical pink pet, Lion, complete with a heart-shaped nose, at Hot Topic locations.

Funko Pop Steven Universe  Funko Pop Steven Universe

Funko Pop Steven Universe Master Checklist

Wave 1
85 Steven
85 Steven - Hot Topic Pre-Release
85 Steven GITD - Hot Topic
86 Garnet
86 Garnet - Hot Topic Pre-Release
86 Garnet GITD - Hot Topic
87 Amethyst
87 Amethyst - Hot Topic Pre-Release
87 Amethyst GITD - Hot Topic
88 Pearl
88 Pearl - Hot Topic Pre-Release
88 Pearl GITD - Hot Topic
Wave 2
209 Connie
210 Peridot
211 Rose Quartz
212 Lapis
213 Lion
213 Lion Flocked - Hot Topic
370 Pink Diamond - Hot Topic


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  1. Is there any physical differences between the original and the hot topic pre release?

  2. Not that I’m aware of. Typically, the figures are the same and the only difference is that the packaging has the “Pre-Release” sticker.

  3. Pink Diamond (Pop! Animation Figure #370) was officially released as a Hot Topic exclusive

  4. Thanks!

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