Funko Pop Steve Irwin Figures

Funko Pop Steve Irwin Figures


Funko Pop Steve Irwin celebrates "The Crocodile Hunter" with a small line of Pop! Television figures. This includes an online-exclusive release and a chase variant for Irwin.

Although his life ended tragically in 2006, the famous wildlife expert was a global icon thanks to his television series. Appropriately, the Australian Zoo set remembers Irwin as "The Crocodile Hunter" as he holds a small croc in his main figure release.

There is also a chase variant that replaces the main figure at a rate of 1:6 boxes. It shows Steve Irwin with a turtle instead of a crocodile.

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Exclusive to Funko's online store, a third reptile joins the fun in figure #950. This time, Irwin has a snake draped over his shoulders.

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Funko Pop Steve Irwin Figures Checklist

921 Steve Irwin
921 Steve Irwin Chase
950 Steve Irwin - FunkoShop
1105 Steve Irwin w/ Sui


Funko Pop Steve Irwin Figures Gallery

921 Steve Irwin with Crocodile

Funko Pop Steve Irwin Figures 1

921 Steve Irwin Chase Variant with Turtle (1:6 boxes)

Funko Pop Steve Irwin Figures 2

950 Steve Irwin with Snake - FunkoShop

Funko Pop Steve Irwin Figures 3

1105 Steve Irwin with Sui

Funko Pop Steve Irwin Figures 4

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