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Ultimate Funko Pop Fantastik Plastik Vinyl Figures Guide

Ultimate Funko Pop Fantastik Plastik Vinyl Figures Guide


Funko may be more associated with the current pop culture trends, but Funko Pop Fantastik Plastik focuses on the brand's rich history to provide some unique and limited vinyl figures. The vinyl line was formerly known as Funko Pop Spastik Plastik.

Revisiting some of the original characters from their earliest days, the Funko Pop Fantastik Plastik set is not as mainstream as many of the other Funko offerings. In fact, they are not only exclusive to certain outlets, but many carry limited print runs of 5,000 copies or less.

Shop for Fantastik Plastik Pop figures on Amazon.

Numbered in a separate Pop! Funko line, it all started with Amazing Carlos in 2016. Since then, the set has added a variety of subjects, variants and exclusives. While some of the first figures came at the bigger conventions, most are now issued directly by FunkoShop, which is Funko's official online storefront.

Have you seen any other Funko Pop Fantastik Plastik figures not covered below? Let us know in the comments.

Ultimate Funko Pop Fantastik Plastik Vinyl Figures Guide 1

Ultimate Funko Pop Fantastik Plastik Figures Guide

Shop for specific figures on eBay using the links below. Specific print runs (PR) noted.


Funko Pop Fantastik Plastik Checklist

01 Amazing Carlos Black/Blue - 2016 SDCC
01 Amazing Carlos Green/Blue - 2016 SDCC
01 Amazing Carlos Harvest - 2016 Funkoween
02 Otto Green/Purple - 2016 SDCC
02 Otto Green/Red - 2016 SDCC
02 Otto Yellow/Orange - 2016 SDCC
03 El Diablo Black - FunkosShop
03 El Diablo Green - 2017 ECCC
03 El Diablo Silver - FunkoShop
04 T-Bone Black - FunkoShop
04 T-Bone Blue - FunkoShop
04 T-Bone Green - 2017 ECCC
04 T-Bone Pink - Funatics Day Out 7
04 T-Bone Pink Metallic - Funatics Day Out 7
05 Sike-O-Shriner Green GITD - Funko HQ
05 Sike-O-Shriner Purple - 2017 SDCC
06 Bone Daddy Purple - 2017 NYCC
06 Bone Daddy Red - Funatics Day Out 8
06 Bone Daddy Red GITD - Funatics Day Out 8
07 Psycho Santa Green/Red - FunkoShop
07 Psycho Santa Yellow/Green - FunkoShop
08 Pulpo Blue - 2018 ECCC FunkoShop
08 Pulpo Green - 2018 ECCC
08 Pulpo Purple - 2018 ECCC Funko HQ
09 Gill Green - 2018 SDCC/FunkoShop
09 Gill Purple - FunkoShop
10 Sam - 2018 SDCC/FunkoShop
10 Sam Green - FunkoShop
11 Salty - FunkoShop
12 Fin du Chomp - FunkoShop
12 Fin Du Chomp Blue - 2019 ECCC
13 Frank von Viener - FunkoShop
14 Flaky - FunkoShop
15 Egor Elf - FunkoShop
16 Big Al - FunkoShop
17 Rocko Billy - FunkoShop


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