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Funko Pop Saga Vinyl Figures

Funko Pop Saga Vinyl Figures


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Funko Pop Saga offers characters from the acclaimed fantasy space opera in a more collector-friendly size. The Saga comic book series figures include Alana and Marko as they fight to protect their unlikely extraterrestrial family.

Featuring short, green hair, Alana is posed holding a gun with her wings barely visible behind her shoulders. Meanwhile, the vinyl for her horned husband, Marko, displays the alien's magic powers as he cusps a blue flame in his palm. Tasked with capturing the couple, Prince Robot IV—who has a TV for a head—wears a light blue tailcoat and a green belt.

Order Pop Saga Figures at Entertainment Earth.

Aside from the primary option for The Will, there is a bloody chase variant that averages 1:6 boxes. Additionally, Funko Pop Saga exclusives include Lying Cat with blood, issued as part of the PX Previews program, and the pink Lying Cat version can be found at Barnes and Noble locations. Of course, Izabel (a ghost) is shown with a clear stand for the lower half of her body. The Horror babysitter is exclusive to Hot Topic.

Released under the new Pop! Comics offshoot, it is expected that Funko Pop Saga will continue the numbering established by the Comics line that debuted with Funko Pop Hellboy.

Funko Pop Saga Vinyl Figures 1  Funko Pop Saga Vinyl Figures 2

Funko Pop Saga Checklist

07 Marko
08 Alana
09 Prince Robot IV
09 Prince Robot IV Mourning - 2018 ECCC
10 The Will
10 The Will Bloody - Chase Variant
11 Lying Cat
11 Lying Cat GITD - Skybound
11 Lying Cat Bloody - PX Previews
11 Lying Cat Gold - BAM!
11 Lying Cat Pink - Barnes and Noble
12 Izabel - Hot Topic
13 Alana w/ Baby Hazel - Specialty Series
16 Flocked Ghüs w/ Pajamas - 2018 SDCC

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