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Funko Pop RWBY Vinyl Figures

Funko Pop RWBY Vinyl Figures

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Funko Pop RWBY covers an American anime web series centered around four girls that live in a world called Remnant. The girls train at Beacon Academy to become Huntresses and defeat the evil Grimm monsters.

The name of the show, RWBY, is pronounced "ruby," but the spelling is done that way for a reason. It is actually an abbreviation of the girls' names and signature colors. This includes Ruby (red), Weiss (white), Blake (black) and Yang (yellow).

The Funko Pop RWBY lineup features all four main characters.

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Ruby Rose (Lindsay Jones) wears a black dress and red cloak while holding a scythe. Dressed in white and blue, Weiss Schnee (Kara Eberle) wields her weapon of choice, Myrtenaster.

There is also Blake Belladonna (Arryn Zech) in black and white with the multi-use Gambol Shroud. The cat ears atop her head are hard to miss. Rounding out the foursome is Yang Xiao Long (Barbara Dunkelman). Standing out thanks to her blonde hair, she looks ready for battle. Yang's half-sister is Ruby.

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Funko Pop RWBY Checklist

586 Ruby Rose
587 Weiss Schnee
588 Blake Belladonna
589 Yang Xiao Long
640 Ruby Rose - 2019 SDCC/Hot Topic

Estimated Release Date: August 2019

Funko Pop RWBY Gallery

586 Ruby Rose

Funko Pop RWBY Vinyl Figures 2

587 Weiss Schnee

Funko Pop RWBY Vinyl Figures 3

588 Blake Belladonna

Funko Pop RWBY Vinyl Figures 4

589 Yang Xiao Long

Funko Pop RWBY Vinyl Figures 5

640 Ruby Rose Hooded - 2019 San Diego Comic-Con / Hot Topic

Funko Pop RWBY Vinyl Figures 6

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