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Funko Pop Rocky Vinyl Figures

Funko Pop Rocky Vinyl Figures


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The "Italian Stallion" is ready to go the distance with Funko Pop Rocky. The vinyl set covers legendary characters from the Rocky boxing franchise.

At first glance, the Funko Pop Rocky figures may appear simple, especially given the boxers are featured in their fighting attire. However, upon further review, Rocky Balboa looks more like an action figure than a Pop! vinyl. The Philadelphia icon has slightly messy hair, a pointed nose, and chiseled abs. And, unlike most options, Funko went a step further as Rocky's lips are visible, which helps fully capture Sylvester Stallone's persona from the film.

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On the other side of the ring, collectors will find Apollo Creed in red, white, and blue trunks, along with defined abs. While Creed and Rocky became friends, Clubber Lang, portrayed by Mr. T, wants nothing more than to destroy Balboa, which is evident by his very, very menacing expression. Sticking to the rock-hard abs theme, Funko Pop Rocky includes a replica of Ivan Drago, albeit in a smaller capacity. The Russian stands in crimson red gloves and boxing boots, with his distinct blonde buzzcut that almost matches the trim on his trunks.

As an early release for Pop! Movies, all the figures have since been vaulted, keeping prices high and supply low. Even more rare, Rocky fans and collectors can find two options of Freddy Funko as Apollo Creed—one is bruised with a black eye—released at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con.

Funko Pop Rocky  Funko Pop Rocky

Funko Pop Rocky Checklist

18 Rocky Balboa
19 Apollo Creed
20 Clubber Lang
21 Ivan Drago
Freddy Funko
21 Freddy Funko Apollo Creed Bruised - 2013 SDCC
21 Freddy Funko Apollo Creed - 2013 SDCC

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18 Rocky Balboa

19 Apollo Creed

20 Clubber Lang

21 Ivan Drago

Other Funko Pop Rocky Figures

21 Freddy Funko Apollo Creed Bruised - 2013 San Diego Comic-Con (PR=96 pieces)

21 Freddy Funko Apollo Creed - 2013 San Diego Comic-Con (PR=12 pieces)


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