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Funko Pop Regular Show Vinyl Figures

Funko Pop Regular Show Vinyl Figures


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Awesome, dude! Funko Pop Regular Show brings vinyl fans the crew from the Cartoon Network series. Offering a handful of figures, the set contains most of the main characters, including Rigby and Mordecai.

In 2010, Rigby (raccoon) and his best friend, Mordecai (blue jay), burst onto the small screen captivating pre-teens and adults alike. As the saying goes, opposites attract, and their differences are even clear with the Pop! figures. Rigby is standing up straight, his tail above his tensed shoulders, while the laid-back blue-and-white Mordecai waves hello.

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Over the course of eight seasons, ending in 2017, fans watched the "regular" guys neglect their duties at The Park as they opted for adventures with co-workers, disappointing their boss, Benson. In particular, the Benson figure is exceptionally unique, as the gray gumball machine's head is clear and filled with individual pink candy. Skips, an immortal yeti, is covered in blonde fur/hair with the exception of his chest.

Additionally, the deceivingly strong Muscle Man rocks gray pants and a blue shirt so tightly stretched that his green stomach is visible. The Funko Pop Regular Show figures are included in the main Pop! Television line. Since they have been "vaulted," which means new production has stopped, supply is more limited and values are higher.

Funko Pop Regular Show Vinyl Figures 1  Funko Pop Regular Show Vinyl Figures 2

Funko Pop Regular Show Checklist

46 Rigby
47 Mordecai
48 Benson
49 Skips
50 Muscle Man

Funko Pop Regular Show Vinyl Figures 3
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Funko Pop Regular Show Vinyl Figures 20

Visual Guide

Funko Pop Regular Show Gallery

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46 Rigby

Funko Pop Regular Show Vinyl Figures 21

47 Mordecai

Funko Pop Regular Show Vinyl Figures 22

48 Benson

Funko Pop Regular Show Vinyl Figures 23

49 Skips

Funko Pop Regular Show Vinyl Figures 24

50 Muscle Man

Funko Pop Regular Show Vinyl Figures 25

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