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Funko Pop Psycho Figures

Funko Pop Psycho Figures

Dig into the twisted minds of serial killers Norman Bates and Patrick Bateman with Funko Pop Psycho figures. Although the films aren't directly connected, the themes are quite similar. Both are also based on books, but the figures cover the movie versions.

Naturally, Norman Bates is from Alfred Hitchcock's acclaimed 1960 film that was later remade by Gus Van Sant in 1998. The original Psycho starred Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates and the newer release has Vince Vaughn in the main role.

The main Funko Pop Psycho figure shows Norman Bates dressed as Mother with a gray wig and blue dress. True to the original, there is a black-and-white exclusive that came at New York Comic Con 2017.

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There's also 2000's American Psycho. First announced at London Toy Fair 2020, these Funko Pop Psycho figures feature Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman. The options include him with a rain poncho over his suit while wielding an axe. This one comes in a base version and as a bloody chase variant.

Collectors can also find Bateman wearing a suit and holding a bloody knife at Hot Topic locations.

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Funko Pop Psycho Figures Checklist

466 Norman Bates
466 Norman Bates B&W - 2017 NYCC
American Psycho
Patrick Bateman w/ Knife - Hot Topic
Patrick Bateman w/ Axe
Patrick Bateman w/ Axe Chase


Funko Pop Psycho Figures Gallery

466 Norman Bates (as Mother)

Funko Pop Psycho Figures 1

466 Norman Bates (as Mother) Black & White - 2017 New York Comic Con / FYE

Funko Pop Psycho Figures 2

Funko Pop American Psycho Figures Gallery - May/June 2020

Patrick Bateman with Knife - Hot Topic
Patrick Bateman with Axe
Patrick Bateman with Axe Chase Variant

Funko Pop Psycho Figures 3

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