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Likely the start of a large and popular vinyl offering, Funko Pop Pokemon finally arrives for collectors hoping to catch 'em all. It is only fitting that the Funko Pop Pokemon line begins with Pikachu.

Based on the Japanese mega-franchise, Pokémon has spawned countless cards, video games and toys. Plus, we can't forget about the massive Pokémon Go app. Nevertheless, it took a while for the brand to join the Funko vinyl ranks.

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Initially met with skepticism given the unexpected release, the Funko Pop Pokemon figure for Pikachu started arriving before the official announcement from Funko. Funko soon confirmed the launch of the line and collectors rejoiced.

The lovable Pikachu helps kick off the Pokémon set as an exclusive figure found at Target locations. revealed a larger version of Pikachu, as well. The 10-inch edition came as part of the Funko Friday release at Target for the holiday season.

Next came Bulbasaur in early 2019, which is the first Funko Pop Pokemon figure that is not an exclusive release. In addition, Funko promised new figures "every season."

Funko Pop Pokemon Vinyl Figures 1

The official Pokemon website also announced new figures via "A Day with Pikachu," which starts on February 13, 2019. The 12 figures will be issued monthly across 2019 and 2020. These aren't actual Pop! figures, though.

  • One Lucky Day
  • Rainy Day Pokémon
  • Blooming Curiosity
  • Sweet Days Are Here
  • Sparking Up a Celebration
  • Splashing Away Summer
  • Charged Up for Game Day
  • Surprises to Fall For
  • Completely Thank-Full
  • A Cool New Friend
  • Ringing In the Fun
  • Surprising Weather Ahead

Let us know if you see any other Funko Pop Pokemon figures.

Funko Pop Pokemon Vinyl Figures 2

Funko Pop Pokemon Checklist

353 Pikachu - Target
353 Pikachu 10" - Target
453 Bulbasaur
454 Bulbasaur 10" - Target
455 Charmander


Funko Pop Pokemon Gallery

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353 Pikachu - Target

Funko Pop Pokemon Vinyl Figures 3

353 Pikachu 10" - Target

Funko Pop Pokemon Vinyl Figures 4

Upcoming Funko Pop Pokemon Figures

453 Bulbasaur - March / April 2019

Funko Pop Pokemon Vinyl Figures 5

454 Bulbasaur 10" Super-Sized - Target - May 2019

Funko Pop Pokemon Vinyl Figures 6

455 Charmander - May / June 2019

Funko Pop Pokemon Vinyl Figures 7

Funko Pop Pokemon Vinyl Figures 8
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