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Funko Pop Plants vs Zombies Vinyl Figures

Funko Pop Plants vs Zombies Vinyl Figures


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Pick your seeds, then pick up your favorite Funko Pop Plants vs Zombies figures! The popular tower defense franchise gets stylized with several limited exclusives to locate.

Since its debut in 2009, Plants vs. Zombies (PvZ)—developed by PopCap Games—has received praise from critics, and the loyal fanbase has helped spawn several sequels and spin-off video games. Therefore, the "normal" Zombie is a natural fit as the first vinyl figure in the line. In addition to the regular undead in the garden, fans of Plants vs. Zombies can find Disco Zombie and Conehead Zombie, each with an exclusive San Diego Comic-Con metallic variant. Other unique choices include Swashbuckler Zombie and Super Brainz, which is issued through Target.

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Rounding out the Funko Pop Plants vs Zombies checklist, the only thing stopping the brain-eaters from entering your house are those adorable plants, and a few make the cut. The leafy Peashooter stands (rests?) with its mouth open, waiting to spit at the zombies, while an orange-faced Sunflower is ready to produce more sunlight to help the cause.

Funko Pop Plants vs Zombies Vinyl Figures 1  Funko Pop Plants vs Zombies Vinyl Figures 2

Funko Pop Plants vs Zombies Checklist

01 Zombie
02 Peashooter
03 Disco Zombie
03 Disco Zombie Metallic - 2012 SDCC
04 Sunflower
05 Conehead Zombie
05 Conehead Zombie Metallic - 2013 SDCC
27 Swashbuckler Zombie
79 Super Brainz - Target

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