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Funko Pop Office Space Vinyl Figures

Funko Pop Office Space Vinyl Figures


Product DetailsThe classic cubicle comedy from Mike Judge goes vinyl in Funko Pop Office Space. The 1999 film celebrated its 20th anniversary with the 2019 Pop! Movies figure release.

Funko Pop Office Space begins with Ron Livingston as the slacker Peter Gibbons holding the infamous TPS reports in-hand. Rocking his most casual business attire, he wears flip-flops and wields the drill used to add some extra office space to his cubicle.

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Peter is joined by his annoying boss, Bill Lumbergh (Gary Cole), who is dressed in suspenders, a blue button-up with a colorful tie, and gray slacks. He also has an Initech coffee mug. Fellow co-worker Milton Waddams (Stephen Root) is another addition. The oft-overlooked employee has a tight grip on his favorite red Swingline stapler.

The only character that does not work at Initech, Joanna comes complete with her various pieces of flair. Played by Jennifer Anniston, Joanna works at the nearby Chotchkie's restaurant.

Hopefully, figures for Samir, Michael Bolton and Lawrence, plus a Bobs two-pack, are on the way soon, but that has not been confirmed.

Let us know if you see any other Funko Pop Office Space figures.

Funko Pop Office Space Vinyl Figures 1

Funko Pop Office Space Checklist

710 Peter Gibbons
711 Joanna
712 Bill Lumbergh
713 Milton
Michael Bolton & Samir - 2019 ECCC/Target

Estimated Release Date: March 2019

Funko Pop Office Space Gallery

Shop for specific figures on Amazon using the links below. 

710 Peter Gibbons

Funko Pop Office Space Vinyl Figures 2

711 Joanna with Flair

Funko Pop Office Space Vinyl Figures 3

712 Bill Lumbergh

Funko Pop Office Space Vinyl Figures 4

713 Milton

Funko Pop Office Space Vinyl Figures 5

Michael Bolton & Samir 2-Pack - 2019 Emerald City Comic Con / Target

Funko Pop Office Space Vinyl Figures 6

Funko Pop Office Space Vinyl Figures 7
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