Funko Pop NHL Mascots Vinyl Figures

Funko Pop NHL Mascots Vinyl Figures


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Proving a little extra entertainment on and off the ice, the Funko Pop NHL Mascots set features the official team mascots for several NHL franchises.

The main Funko Pop NHL line has already grown quite large with top hockey players and many exclusives. However, Funko Pop NHL Mascots goes a different, furrier direction.

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Series one includes Tommy Hawk (Chicago Blackhawks), NJ Devil (New Jersey Devils), Blades (Boston Bruins), Gritty (Philadelphia Flyers), and Chance the Gila Monster (Vegas Golden Knights).

Carlton the Bear (Toronto Maple Leafs) is exclusive to the Canadian distributor Grosnor.

While there are no specific details on future waves, it should be likely that most, if not all, teams will eventually be included.

Please let us know if there are any new Funko Pop NHL Mascots figures to add to the guide.

Funko Pop NHL Mascots Checklist

Blades - Boston Bruins
Tommy Hawk - Chicago Blackhawks
NJ Devil - New Jersey Devils
Gritty - Philadelphia Flyers
Carlton - Toronto Maple Leafs - Grosnor
Chance - Vegas Golden Knights

Estimated Release Date: October 2019

Funko Pop NHL Mascots Gallery

Final images and box numbers will be added. 

Funko Pop NHL Mascots Vinyl Figures 1
Funko Pop NHL Mascots Vinyl Figures 2

Funko Pop NHL Mascots Vinyl Figures 3

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