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Funko Pop Naruto Shippuden Vinyl Figures List and Gallery

Funko Pop Naruto Shippuden Vinyl Figures List and Gallery


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"Believe It!" Funko Pop Naruto Shippuden features multiple release waves including several exclusives.

Based on the manga series by Masashi Kishimoto, Naruto: Shippūden is the continuation of the title character's quest to become Hokage, the leader of his village. Naruto along with his other Team 7 members—Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno—is led by sensei Kakashi Hatake. Kakashi helps the teen super ninjas tame the powerful tailed beast Kurama, which resides inside him.

Split into multiple groups, the initial Funko Pop Naruto Shippuden wave offers Naruto in his signature orange tracksuit. His blonde hair is accessorized with a ninja headband. Sasuke is posed wearing his blue shirt and purple belt. Noting the power Kurama holds, the nine-tailed fox comes in a 6" Super Sized Pop and a glow-in-the-dark variant issued exclusively through GameStop. Collectors can also find Hot Topic pre-release exclusives for Naruto and Kurama.

The second installment of Funko Pop Naruto Shippuden includes Kakashi in his blue and green attire with a headband covering his missing left eye. Sakura can be found wearing a pink skirt (which matches her pink hair) over gray shorts while Tobi is dressed in his iconic spiral mask and black cloak.

There are a total of three versions of Naruto to collect in series 2 and the main figure (#181) features the Rasengan. With his fox-like whiskers visible and orange around his eyes, Sage Mode is a GameStop-exclusive figure. Found only at Hot Topic, the Six Path variant is dressed in all yellow and black with Naruto's spiked yellow hair seemingly ablaze.

Numbered as part of Pop! Animation, the Funko Pop Naruto Shippuden vinyl figures stand approximately 3 3/4" tall, although Naruto's hair might make his figures a bit taller.

Funko Pop Naruto Shippuden  Funko Pop Naruto Shippuden

Funko Pop Naruto Shippuden Checklist

Wave 1
71 Naruto
71 Naruto - Hot Topic Pre-Release
72 Sasuke
73 Kurama 6" Super Size - Hot Topic Pre-Release
73 Kurama 6" Super Size
97 Kurama Mode Kurama GITD 6" - GameStop
Wave 2
181 Naruto (Rasengan)
182 Kakashi
183 Sakura
184 Tobi
185 Naruto (Sage Mode) - GameStop
186 Naruto (Six Path) - Hot Topic

Estimated Release Date (Wave 2): March 2017

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  1. Kurama mode Kurama is 97, not 93

  2. Hi was just curious can you guys start making more naruto pop figures please like the jinchuruki and their hosts like Gaara and bee

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