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2017 Funko Pop Mystery Science Theater 3000 Vinyl Figures

2017 Funko Pop Mystery Science Theater 3000 Vinyl Figures


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We’ve got "Movie Sign!" Well, actually we don’t, but we do have Funko Pop Mystery Science Theater 3000 vinyl figures! The set features the robot duo from the fan-favorite series based around making fun of "bad" movies.

Although Mystery Science Theater 3000, or MST3K, aired for just one season (1988-89) before originally being canceled, the television series developed a cult following that allowed it to persevere for another decade. Those dedicated fans helped bring Joel, a janitor launched into space by crazy scientists, and his B-movie riffing robots—Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot (Crow)—to several other networks before the final season in 1999. In addition to a movie in 1996, a Kickstarter campaign led to an MST3K revival in 2017 with a new Netflix series.

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Included in the Pop! Television line, Crow T. Robot features shiny gold and black tubing with his molybdenum frame clearly defined. The lovable robot’s beak is closed as he stares at you with his bright yellow eyes. Meanwhile, the cynical Tom Servo appears to have a nearly see-through, gumball machine-shaped head. His stylized look portrays the Comedy Channel/Comedy Central version as the body is painted red rather than the original silver. Furthermore, Servo’s arms and gloved hands dangle by his side, stopping just above the black-and-white hoverskirt.

Funko Pop Mystery Science Theater 3000  Funko Pop Mystery Science Theater 3000

Funko Pop Mystery Science Theater 3000 Checklist

488 Crow
489 Tom Servo

Estimated Release Date: October 2017

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488 Crow

Funko Pop Mystery Science Theater 3000

489 Tom Servo

Funko Pop Mystery Science Theater 3000

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