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Funko Pop Mr. Bean Vinyl Figures

Funko Pop Mr. Bean Vinyl Figures

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Hooray, hooray for Funko Pop Mr. Bean! The beloved British comedian applies a distinct element to his Pop! Television figures with props straight from the series. Like Bean himself, the figures need no words to get their point across. The humorous release offers a few vinyl options, including chase variants.

Revered by many as one of the best sitcoms in history, Mr. Bean quickly garnered a loyal fanbase as the title character, played by a very convincing Rowan Atkinson, encourages others to be themselves, even if that sometimes means being a little ridiculous. For example, having a teddy bear for a best friend. This is precisely what the Funko Pop Mr. Bean figure holds as he is posed wearing a tweed jacket. In addition, the low-key Bean wears a red tie and slightly loose brown slacks.

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The Bean chase celebrates one of most memorable—and hilarious—moments from the show's iconic "Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean" episode, where Mr. Bean manages to put a raw turkey over his head. Averaging 1:6 boxes, the Funko Pop Mr. Bean variant replaces the comedian's head with an oversized turkey and features searching hands that convey his disorientation.

The second option features Mr. Bean in his pajamas while waving. In this case, Bean hugs Teddy in the limited chase variant.

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Funko Pop Mr. Bean Vinyl Figures 1

Funko Pop Mr. Bean Checklist

592 Mr. Bean with Teddy
592 Mr. Bean Turkey Chase
June/July 2019
786 Mr. Bean Pajamas
786 Mr. Bean Pajamas Teddy Chase


Funko Pop Mr. Bean Gallery

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592 Mr. Bean with Teddy

Funko Pop Mr. Bean Vinyl Figures 2

592 Mr. Bean Turkey on Head Chase Variant (1:6 boxes)

Funko Pop Mr. Bean Vinyl Figures 3

Upcoming Funko Pop Mr. Bean Figures - June/July 2019

786 Mr. Bean Pajamas

Funko Pop Mr. Bean Vinyl Figures 4

786 Mr. Bean Pajamas with Teddy Chase Variant

Funko Pop Mr. Bean Vinyl Figures 5

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