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Funko Pop Mortal Kombat Vinyl Figures

Funko Pop Mortal Kombat Vinyl Figures


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Get over here! Funko Pop Mortal Kombat has finally arrived! The release includes fan-favorite characters from the classic video game including Scorpion and Sub-Zero.

Originally an arcade game, Mortal Kombat (MK) brought gamers a unique one-on-one fighting experience while unfolding each character’s story arc, giving fans a reason to keep coming back. Many kids from the '90s will easily recognize their “go-to” MK fighter in the Funko Pop Mortal Kombat lineup. Scorpion is in his iconic yellow suit, while Sub-Zero dons his signature ninja attire. Aside from the base option, Sub-Zero with ice in his palms is a limited chase variant that averages 1:6 boxes.

Order Funko Mortal Kombat Figures on Entertainment Earth.

Also included in the Pop! Games series is Liu Kang, Princess Kitana, and of course, the protector of the Earthrealm, Raiden. Funko Pop Mortal Kombat offers a few retail-specific exclusives, as well, including a Scorpion Flaming Skull (Hot Topic) figure and a fitting 6” Super-Sized Goro (GameStop). In what appears to be a nod to the infamous MK palette swap, the GameStop exclusive two-pack features a light blue (frozen?!) Scorpion, and Sub-Zero with a flaming skull.

Funko Pop Mortal Kombat Vinyl Figures 1  Funko Pop Mortal Kombat Vinyl Figures 2

Funko Pop Mortal Kombat Checklist

250 Scorpion
251 Sub-Zero
251 Sub-Zero Ice Hands - Chase Variant
252 Liu Kang
253 Kitana
254 Raiden
255 Scorpion Flaming Skull - Hot Topic
256 Goro 6” Super-Size - GameStop
Pop 8-Bit
14 Raiden - GameStop
14 Raiden GITD Chase - GameStop
Combo Packs
2-Pack: Scorpion and Sub-Zero - GameStop

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Author Lisa Weatherall  |  E-Mail Author
Lisa grew up in Arlington, Texas where she regularly attended Rangers games and fell in love with baseball. She began collecting her favorite players' cards when every pack came with a stick of gum. With almost every baseball release, Lisa continues to grow her collection. She is also an avid fan of WWE, MMA, comics and every genre of music. Lisa is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.

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  1. Author

    Just a heads up, this list is almost 100% there is also an 8-Bit Raiden POP that’s GameStop Mystery Box Exclusive so if you want all of them you’d need that one too

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