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2017 Funko Pop Monsters Vinyl Figures

2017 Funko Pop Monsters Vinyl Figures


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The team behind your favorite collectibles receive their own set, so-to-speak. Funko Pop Monsters is the original line developed by the company’s talented artists.

Proving how unique the Funko family is, the imaginative team created a home—Wetmore Forestwhere all of the animals live peacefully. Every Funko Pop Monsters figure varies in size, color, and personality. However, they all share a common thread, that is, aside from being adorable. Residents of the mossy trees are inherently caring and kind.

The Funko Pop Monsters line is truly one-of-a-kind, as the various options are not based on any particular movie, television series or video game. This may make them even more sought after by Funko fans in the long run.

Tumblebee is officially the first creature from Wetmore Forest to get stylized. The furry creature, whose pose resembles a large ape, has brown stripes across his arms, legs, and back. Also visible is Tumblebee's goat-like horns and his tongue, as it sticks out through a silly grin.

Although the debut option is a Funko-Shop Pop exclusive, the official Funko blog mentions that collectors can find Funko Pop Monsters at both and Funko-Shop. While originally noted as being capped at 5,000 pieces, there is no official production number for Tumblebee at this time. Nevertheless, fans and collectors are limited to just one purchase of the cute figure.

Check back often as we will update with any future details and releases.

Funko Pop Monsters

Funko Pop Monsters Checklist

01 Tumblebee
02 Butterhorn
03 Snuggle-Tooth
04 Bugsy Wingnut
05 Chester McFreckle
06 Picklez
Flocked Winter Series 6-Pack: Tumblebee, Butterhorn, Snuggle-Tooth, Bugsy Wingnut, Chester McFreckle & Picklez

Series Debut Date: 6/21/2017

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