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Ultimate Funko Pop Mickey Mouse Figures Checklist and Gallery

Ultimate Funko Pop Mickey Mouse Figures Checklist and Gallery

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Walt Disney once said, "I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing—it was all started by a mouse." There is no need to worry, Walt, as Funko Pop Mickey Mouse gives kids and the young-at-heart plenty to remember.

The affable mouse first entered pop culture in the 1928 film Steamboat Willie. Since then, Mickey Mouse has received a few updated appearances, however, nothing too drastic. The Funko Pop Mickey Mouse set features a wide variety of figures, including the classic Mickey dressed in red shorts, white gloves and oversized yellow shoes. There is also a metallic version of Mickey and Steamboat Willie.

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Appearing in several movies and television shows, fans and collectors of Fantasia can find a main Sorcerer Mickey figure and a two-pack that includes metallic versions of Sorcerer Mickey and Chernabog. Vinyl offerings for Mickey Mouse representing the popular video games Epic Mickey and Kingdom Hearts are also included in the lineup.

While most Funko Pop Mickey Mouse figures stand the traditional Pop! size, several exclusives are produced as 9” Giant-Sized Pops, as well.

There is also a large Pop! Disney assortment issued in honor of Mickey's 90th anniversary.

Funko Pop Mickey Mouse

Funko Pop Mickey Mouse Checklist

Pop! Disney
01 Mickey Mouse
01 Mickey Mouse 9"
01 Mickey Mouse Metallic - 2011 SDCC
01 Mickey Mouse Diamond Collection - HT
01 Mickey Mouse Gold Diamond Collection - B&N
24 Steamboat Willie
24 Steamboat Willie Metallic - 2011 D23 Expo
24 Steamboat Willie Metallic 9" - 2011 D23 Expo
24 Steamboat Willie Blue/Red 9" - 2013 D23 Expo
37 Sorcerer Mickey
64 Mickey Mouse - Epic Mickey
261 Mickey - Kingdom Hearts
334 Organization 13 Mickey - BoxLunch
334 Organization 13 Mickey GITD - BoxLunch
334 Organization 13 Mickey Unhooded - 2018 SDCC
90th Anniversary - Aug/Sept 2018
425 Steamboat Willie
426 Apprentice Mickey
427 Firefighter Mickey
428 Conductor Mickey
429 Brave Little Tailor
432 Little Whirlwind Mickey - 2018 NYCC/Walmart
457 Mickey Mouse B/W 10" - Target
Combo Packs
2-Pack: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse
2-Pack: Sorcerer Mickey, Chernabog - 2012 SDCC
Other 9" Giant Sized
Mickey Mouse Black and White - 2012 SDCC
Mickey Mouse Blue - 2012 SDCC
Mickey Mouse Blue and Red - 2012 SDCC

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