2017 Funko Pop Metallica Vinyl Figures

2017 Funko Pop Metallica Vinyl Figures


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Honoring the heavy metal musicians already immortalized in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Funko Pop Metallica features members from the band's current lineup.

Metallica is arguably one of the greatest bands of all-time, and not just in regards to rock or metal, as the rockers are recognizable throughout the world. Forming in the early '80s after James Hetfield replied to a newspaper ad by Lars Ulrich, it is only fitting that the Pop Metallica figures lead off with these rock legends.

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Offering long blonde hair and his classic mutton chops beard, the James Hetfield figure dons an all-black leather ensemble. He is also playing a white rhythm guitar with the Metallica logo done in the iconic font style. His fellow original member, Lars Ulrich has a five o’clock shadow and stands with a drumstick in each hand.

Kirk Hammett, the band’s lead guitarist, also reflects his earlier self with jet-black hair and goatee. The newest member of the group, Robert Trujillo boldly rocks shorts, a white-trimmed tank top, and corresponding kicks, with his coveted bass guitar strapped across his chest

Funko Pop Metallica figures are part of the larger Pop! Rocks line, which is reflected in the box numbering.

Funko Pop Metallica  Funko Pop Metallica

Funko Pop Metallica Checklist

57 James Hetfield
58 Lars Ulrich
59 Kirk Hammett
60 Robert Trujillo

Estimated Release Date: August 2017

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57 James Hetfield

Funko Pop Metallica

58 Lars Ulrich

Funko Pop Metallica

59 Kirk Hammett

Funko Pop Metallica

60 Robert Trujillo

Funko Pop Metallica

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