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Ultimate Funko Pop Masters of the Universe Figures Checklist and Gallery

Ultimate Funko Pop Masters of the Universe Figures Checklist and Gallery


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By the power of Grayskull! The most powerful man in the universe gets stylized with Funko Pop Masters of the Universe. Oh, alright, the set also includes Skeletor and other foes of He-Man.

Taking fans and collectors to a new level of nostalgia, He-Man and his twin sister, She-Ra, start the list, each very much resembling their iconic 1980s personas. The blonde warrior dons the Eternian baldric over his bare chest while wielding The Sword of Power. Princess Adora wears a winged headdress as well as corresponding gold boots and arm braces.

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Aside from the main Skeletor option, exclusives include the demon from Infinita in a black hood via the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con. In addition, the glow-in-the-dark version is issued through Gemini Collectibles. Further growing the lineup, Trap Jaw and Man-At-Arms were released exclusively in the Funko Specialty Series program.

Funko Pop Masters of the Universe series two figures include Battle Armor He-Man, Battle Armor Skeletor, Merman, Evil-Lyn, Beast Man, Orko, and Stratos. The blue Merman chase variant averages 1:6 boxes. There are also retail exclusives including Moss Man flocked (Toys R Us), Faker (Target), and Trap Jaw with silver armor can be found at f.y.e. outlets.

Funko Pop Masters of the Universe is part of the larger Pop! Television set, which is reflected in the box numbering.

Funko Pop Masters of the Universe  Funko Pop Masters of the Universe

Funko Pop Masters of the Universe Checklist

Series 1
17 He-Man
18 She-Ra
19 Skeletor
19 Skeleton Black Hood - 2013 SDCC
19 Skeletor GITD - Gemini
20 Spikor
21 Hordak
487 Trap Jaw - Specialty Series
487 Trap Jaw - FYE
517 Scare Glow GITD - 2017 SDCC
538 Man-At-Arms - Specialty Series
539 Beast Man Flocked - 2017 NYCC
Series 2
539 Beast Man
562 Battle Armor He-Man
563 Battle Armor Skeletor
564 Merman
564 Merman Blue - Chase Variant
565 Evil-Lyn
566 Orko
567 Stratos
568 Moss Man Flocked - Toys R Us
569 Faker - Target
657 Stinkor (Scented) - 2018 SDCC
658 Ram Man - 2018 SDCC Toy Tokyo
Freddy Funko
53 Freddy Funko He-Man - 2016 SDCC
54 Freddy Funko Skeleton - 2016 SDCC


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