Funko Pop Marvel 80th Vinyl Figures

Funko Pop Marvel 80th Vinyl Figures


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Celebrate 80 years of Marvel with the Funko Pop Marvel 80th vinyl figures. The 80th anniversary of the powerhouse entertainment line is headlined by multiple figures for some of the greatest Marvel superheroes.

Getting back to their roots, Funko Pop Marvel 80th features a variety of "First Appearance" figures, including Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Human Torch, Marvel Girl and Namor the Sub-Mariner.

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There are also multiple exclusives. Collectors can find Kraven the Hunter, Sandman and Scarlet Spider (aka Kaine Parker) at Walgreens locations.

Patina variants for all-time Marvel legends Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man and Wolverine are exclusive to Target.

Please send us a message or leave a comment below if you come across any other Funko Pop Marvel 80th figures.

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Funko Pop Marvel 80th Checklist

Namor First Appearance
Human Torch First Appearance
Cyclops First Appearance
Angel First Appearance
Beast First Appearance
Marvel Girl First Appearance
Scarlet Spider - Walgreens
Sandman - Walgreens
Kraven the Hunter - Walgreens
Spider-Man Patina - Target
Wolverine - Target
Captain America - Target
Iron Man - Target

Estimated Release Date: September/October 2019

Funko Pop Marvel 80th Gallery

Final images and box numbers will be added. 

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