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Ultimate Funko Pop Lord of the Rings Figures Guide

Ultimate Funko Pop Lord of the Rings Figures Guide


As a very wise wizard once said, "All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to you." I am almost certain he was suggesting to simply pick up the Funko Pop Lord of the Rings set. The release offers multiple vinyl figures, including variants, from Middle-earth.

While there is room for many more subjects from the expansive franchise, Funko Pop Lord of the Rings offers several key options. Gandalf the Grey is shown with his long hair and beard, wearing a blue robe while crossing his staff and sword. The main figure for Frodo Baggins features a green cloak with the ring hanging from a gold necklace.

Additionally, variant options include an invisible Frodo, while a chase portrays the hobbit in a weakened condition and grasping the Phial of Galadriel. Fellow hobbit and loyal friend Samwise "Sam" Gamgee is dressed in his stylish pantaloons.

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Collectors can also find the wizard Saruman holding his black staff with his white hair parted down the middle. Other figures representing the evil side of Funko Pop Lord of the Rings include a faceless, black-cloaked Nazgûl and a clear Twilight Ringwraith. Much larger than the others, the ancient demon Balrog comes as a 6" Super Sized Pop!

Numbered as part of the Pop! Movies line, Sauron (#122) is a 2014 release. Although part of a separate line, Funko Pop The Hobbit contains several characters that overlap the two movie trilogies.

Ultimate Funko Pop Lord of the Rings Figures Guide 1

Ultimate Funko Pop Lord of the Rings Figures Guide

Let us know if you see any other Funko LotR figures.


Funko Pop Lord of the Rings Checklist

122 Sauron (2014)
443 Gandalf
444 Frodo Baggins
444 Frodo Baggins Chase
444 Frodo Baggins Invisible - Barnes and Noble
445 Samwise Gamgee
446 Nazgul
447 Saruman
448 Balrog - 6" Super Sized Pop
448 Balrog 6" GITD - 2017 NYCC
449 Twilight Ringwraith GITD - Hot Topic
528 Merry Brandybuck
529 Treebeard - 6" Super Sized Pop
530 Pippin Took
531 Aragorn
532 Gollum
532 Gollum w/ Fish - Chase Variant
533 Lurtz
534 King Aragorn - Toys R Us
535 Gollum Invisible - Barnes and Noble
628 Legolas
629 Gimli
630 Boromir
631 Galadriel
632 Witch King
633 Dunharrow King
634 Galadriel - Barnes & Noble
635 Elrond - Hot Topic
636 Grishnákh - 2019 ECCCC / B&N
Pop Rides
Witch King with Fellbeast - June/July 2019
Combo Packs
2-Pack: Aragorn & Arwen - 2017 SDCC


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