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Ultimate Funko Pop Lilo and Stitch Figures Checklist and Gallery

Ultimate Funko Pop Lilo and Stitch Figures Checklist and Gallery


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There’s one in every family. Luckily, the Funko Pop Lilo and Stitch set contains more than just one Stitch.

Despite the fact that the animated film is named Lilo & Stitch, Stitch clearly stole the show. The Funko Pop Lilo and Stitch list reflects this as the alien experiment has numerous options. Aside from the initial figure, Fugitive Toys issued a flocked Stitch base variant and the flocked Stitch seated is a Hot Topic exclusive. Lilo and Scrump are also covered in the main release.

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Additional vinyl choices showcase the assortment of disguises Stitch uses in the Disney movie to “blend in” on Earth, including Aloha Stitch and Elvis Stitch. Fans and collectors of Lilo & Stitch can find both at Hot Topic outlets. Putting multiple figures in one package, the Hot Topic 3-pack contains Stitch, the love of his life, Angel, and Lilo’s unique doll, Scrump.

Numbered as part of the large Pop! Disney line, the Funko Pop Lilo and Stitch figures generally fit the standard 3 3/4" Pop! sizing, however, a few Stitch figures appear a bit smaller.

Funko Pop Lilo and Stitch   Funko Pop Lilo and Stitch

Funko Pop Lilo and Stitch Checklist

12 Stitch
12 Stitch Flocked - Fugitive Toys
124 Lilo
125 Stitch 626
126 Scrump
127 Elvis Stitch - Hot Topic
159 Stitch Seated
159 Stitch Seated Flocked - Hot Topic
203 Aloha Stitch - Hot Topic
Pop! Rides
35 The Red One with Stitch - BoxLunch
3-Pack: Stitch, Scrump and Angel - Hot Topic

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