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Funko Pop Kubo Vinyl Figures


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The 3D stop-motion film Kubo and the Two Strings from 2016 comes into the real world in 2018 via Funko Pop Kubo. The small Pop! Movies set highlights the title character and Kubo's mom, who takes the form of a monkey.

Rocking his magical Japanese guitar (shamisen), the one-eyed Kubo aims to defeat his evil family. He certainly seems ready to do that in his armored figure, complete with ornate helmet and sword. Kubo also has a vinyl that showcases the shamisen in action. This vinyl comes with Little Honzo, Kubo's origami figure that is based on his father (voiced by Matthew McConaughey). Both options show his hair draped over a missing left eye.

In addition, the Funko Pop Kubo lineup features Monkey, voiced by Charlize Theron. The snow monkey charm is actually the reincarnation of Kubo's mother, Sariatu.

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Funko Pop Kubo Checklist

650 Kubo w/ Little Hanzo
651 Kubo in armor
652 Monkey

Estimated Release Date: October/November 2018

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650 Kubo with Little Hanzo

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651 Kubo in armor

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652 Monkey

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