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Funko Pop Jurassic Park Vinyl Figures

Funko Pop Jurassic Park Vinyl Figures


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Welcome to Funko Pop Jurassic Park! Tens of millions of years of anticipation, or at least since 1993 when the orignal movie debuted, are finally realized with the Pop! Movies release.

After captivating an entire generation of fans for decades, dino enthusiasts can now add key characters and prehistoric creatures to their vinyl collections. This includes the father of Jurassic Park, Mr. John Hammond, in mostly white attire, standing with his trusty cane. Dr. Alan Grant examines a Raptor claw while dressed for adventure, and Dr. Ian Malcolm, played quite memorably by Jeff Goldblum, maintains his rockstar scientist persona in all black.

Order Jurassic Park Pop Figures on Entertainment Earth.

Even Dennis Nedry (known to many as Newman from Seinfeld), makes an appearance in Funko Pop Jurassic Park with the shaving cream can in hand. He has a standalone figure and a two-pack exclusive through Entertainment Earth that pairs him with an angry Dilophosaurus.

That's not all, though, as we can't forget those scary dinosaurs! Keep an eye out for figures of a T. Rex, Velociraptor and Dilophosaurus, which comes in a main version displaying the neck frill, and a chase variant that has it tucked away.

Although not included in the initial details, Funko confirmed a Funko Pop Jurassic Park figure for Dr. Ellie Sattler (played by Laura Dern) is on the way, as well.

Funko Pop Jurassic Park also moves into the extended franchise with Jurassic World options.

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Funko Pop Jurassic Park Figures Checklist

Jurassic Park
545 Dr. Alan Grant
546 John Hammond
547 Dr. Ian Malcolm
548 Tyrannosaurus Rex
549 Velociraptor
550 Dilophosaurus
550 Dilophosaurus Chase (1:6)
550 Dilophosaurus Red - Target
551 Dennis Nedry
552 Dr. Ian Malcolm wounded - Target
Jurassic World *
585 Owen
586 Blue
587 Stygimoloch
588 Indoraptor
589 Owen w/ Baby Raptor - Target
590 Claire Dearing
591 Tyrannosaurs Rex 10" - Target
Pop! Rides
39 Park Vehicle
Dennis Nedry, Dilophosaurus - Entertainment Earth

Estimated Release Date: Summer 2018 *

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User Comments

  1. Author

    missing the Target Exclusive Dilophosaurus that’s Red

  2. Author


  3. Author

    I am looking for the Park Vehicle for this collection…did it get cancelled? I cant seem to fine it anywhere!

  4. Author

    We heard there was a manufacturing issue and they were not made.

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