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Funko Pop James Bond Vinyl Figures

Funko Pop James Bond Vinyl Figures


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Your luck has just changed because the world's greatest spy receives a makeover with Funko Pop James Bond. The Pop! Movies set covers the secret agent from several films, and offers multiple villains, as well.

Based on the popular novel series by Ian Fleming, James Bond's legendary 007 character has remained a true pop culture hero since the cinematic release in 1962, making him the perfect subject for Funko. The first figure features Sean Connery as James Bond from Goldfinger wearing a white jacket and holding a pistol. Also from the '64 film is one of the most memorable Bond Girls of all time, Golden Girl, who is naturally covered head-to-toe in gold. Roger Moore as Bond from The Spy Who Loved Me is featured in a black tuxedo.

Order Pop James Bond Figures on Entertainment Earth.

Funko Pop James Bond offers notable villains, too, such as Jaws, Oddjob, and Blofeld, who is holding his sleeping cat. There is also a Target exclusive for Oddjob with his hat in mid-throw. Additional versions of James Bond include the MI6 agent in a black tuxedo from Dr. No (Toys R Us), and the white tux Octopussy figure at Barnes and Noble.

Looking deeper into James Bond collectibles, there are numerous James Bond trading card sets to check out, including 2017 Rittenhouse James Bond Archives Final Edition.

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Funko Pop James Bond Checklist

518 James Bond (Goldfinger)
519 Golden Girl (Goldfinger)
520 Oddjob (Goldfinger)
521 Blofeld (You Only Live Twice)
522 James Bond (Spy Who Loved Me)
523 Jaws (Spy Who Loved Me)
524 James Bond Black Tux (Dr. No) - Toys R Us
525 James Bond White Tux (Octopussy) - B&N
526 Oddjob Holding Hat (Goldfinger) - Target
44 James Bond with Aston Martin DB5


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