Funko Pop Home Alone Figures

Funko Pop Home Alone Figures


No need to worry, Funko Pop Home Alone remembered Kevin! The vinyl release for the holiday film also includes the criminal duo of Harry and Marv.

A Christmas classic, Home Alone centers around a young boy (Kevin McCallister) after his family leaves for Paris without him. Nearly identical to Macaulay Culkin, the actor who portrays him, the Kevin figure has messy blonde hair sweeping across his forehead. The 8-year-old stands prepared to defend his house as he holds a BB gun in one hand and an iron in the other.

Of course, the petty criminals trying to out-smart Kevin are included, too. Funko Pop Home Alone features Harry Lime, played by Joe Pesci, who is dressed in a black leather coat. Based on his run-ins with Kevin, he is missing a large amount of his winter hat and hair. Meanwhile, Marv Merchants (Daniel Stern) has a visible burn mark on his forehead, obviously from Kevin's iron. His ensemble is complete with a green corduroy jacket and a crowbar.

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In addition, the Pop! Movies lineup combines Harry and Marv for the exclusive two-pack at Best Buy, aptly named "The Wet Bandits." Kevin dressed in outdoor attire arrived in a Target-exclusive Collectors Edition box that also included the moose beanie he wears in the film.

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Funko Pop Home Alone Figures Checklist

491 Kevin
492 Harry
493 Marv
625 Kevin - Target
The Wet Bandits - Best Buy


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493 Marv

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625 Kevin - Target Beanie Bundle

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The Wet Bandits 2-Pack - Best Buy

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