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2017 Funko Pop Hey Arnold Vinyl Figures

2017 Funko Pop Hey Arnold Vinyl Figures


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Move it, football head! Relax, Helga, Funko Pop Hey Arnold has enough vinyl style for everyone. The throwback set offers the Nickelodeon frenemies, or rather under-the-radar couple, well, we mean... you know, Arnold and Helga.

Like most kids from the '90s, the Arnold figure is dressed in blue jeans, a (very small) baseball hat, and tennis shoes. Additionally, with his arms crossed, a teal sweater rests at his waist and the orange dress shirt is so long it reaches the top of Arnold's knees. Admittedly, his head is not quite football-shaped, but it's otherwise a very good Pop! likeness for Arnold.

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Meanwhile, with a pink bow between her pigtails, and an impressive unibrow below, Helga rocks a white t-shirt under a pink dress. The feisty blonde stands with clenched fists ready to bully Arnold—even though we all know she secretly loves him

Premiering in 1996, Nickelodeon's Hey Arnold! aired for five seasons, which helped the cartoon series accumulate a large fanbase, many of whom remain loyal as adults.

Funko Pop Hey Arnold  Funko Pop Hey Arnold

Funko Pop Hey Arnold Checklist

324 Arnold Shortman
325 Helga Pataki

Estimated Release Date: November 2017

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324 Arnold Shortman

Funko Pop Hey Arnold

325 Helga Pataki

Funko Pop Hey Arnold

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