Funko Pop Hello Kitty Vinyl Figures

Funko Pop Hello Kitty Vinyl Figures


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Few animated subjects are more famous than Kitty White (a.k.a. Hello Kitty), and the Funko Pop Hello Kitty line provides fans and collectors several different options for the Sanrio cartoon character created in 1974.

While the first Funko Pop Hello Kitty figure (in pink) came in 2013, it was not until 2019 that Funko finally expanded the Pop! selection. The vaulted #01 figure from Funko Pop Sanrio is joined by several choices.

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The lineup also includes Hello Kitty classic in blue overalls, the KBS version in a burger outfit, and the Sweet Treat figure that is dressed in pink and teal with a tasty snack in hand.

There is the retro-inspired Anniversary figure with an accompanying buddy, as well. This one offers a chase variant, which changes the red bow color to pink and has a small heart figure.

In addition, collectors can find Gamer Hello Kitty, using a headset and controller, at GameStop locations.

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Funko Pop Hello Kitty Checklist

01 Hello Kitty
October 2019
27 Hello Kitty (Lady Liberty) - 2019 NYCC
Hello Kitty Classic
Hello Kitty Burger KBS
Hello Kitty Sweet Treat
Hello Kitty Anniversary
Hello Kitty Anniversary Chase
Hello Kitty Gamer - GameStop

Estimated Release Date: October 2019

Funko Pop Hello Kitty Gallery

01 Hello Kitty

Funko Pop Hello Kitty Vinyl Figures 1

27 Hello Kitty (Lady Liberty) - 2019 New York Comic Con / Target

Funko Pop Hello Kitty Vinyl Figures 2

Upcoming Funko Pop Hello Kitty Figures - October 2019

Final images and box numbers to be added. 

Funko Pop Hello Kitty Vinyl Figures 3

Hello Kitty Gamer - GameStop

Funko Pop Hello Kitty Vinyl Figures 4

Funko Pop Hello Kitty Vinyl Figures 5
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